The causes of quarrels between people

Quarrel is a form of a showdown with man. And not very pleasant. However, without quarrels in your life to do, you don’t, this phenomenon is considered normal.

Причины ссор между людьми

People don’t like to quarrel, because quarrels are accompanied by swearing and shouting, it’s not good, but still people continue to quarrel. Why? Psychologists usually distinguish several main reasons why often there are quarrels.

Firstly, these reasons include jealousy. This feeling is generally considered one of the most unpleasant that a person can experience, it literally eats away inside. When a person is jealous, he may start to carry absolute nonsense, which then provokes a fight.

Second, the argument can cause resentment. No wonder it is believed that all misunderstandings should immediately try to settle among themselves. When a person accumulates resentment, negative emotions sooner or later will come out and it will aggravate the situation. But if to solve all problems immediately, then hard feelings can be avoided.

Thirdly, the fight could happen because of a bad mood. When the person called is not in the spirit, then he may react very badly and even the most innocuous, seemingly of the situation. Because such a reaction and swell up conflicts that can lead to serious abuse.

Fourth, if we consider the arguments inside family, they can happen due to the presence of a third person in the relationship, lover or mistress. The fact of treason no one can leave indifferent, especially for a loving person, so he’s likely to have a tantrum, which would entail swearing and conflicts, and in the future and even the destruction of relationships.

Fifth, the common reason for fights is money. Unfortunately, they became too seriously and often for the money people spoil a close relationship between them forever.

Sixth, children can fight with their parents because of unnecessary worries. It would seem that it is completely illogical, because on the contrary care is needed by all. But when its too much, child don’t like it, especially because kids always want to feel more independent, and excessive control by the moms and dads this way.

Seventh, sometimes, quarrel from-for a banal boredom. When a person simply have nothing to do, he can promptly take rash actions that will lead to a quarrel with a close friend or family member.

Quarrels can destroy any relationship, so it is important to try to avoid them.

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