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The Sergio Rossi Shoe will never tire of looking at fashion shows and in boutiques, in sets of ensembles of clothes and a separate, «live» and in catalogs. The flood of aesthetic feelings about her appearance, nothing to compare. Elegance images constantly attracts and holds your attention. The mysterious magic of creation noble shoes elusive and always «behind the scenes».

Мир Sergio Rossi

Somewhere already glimpsed a woman’s opinion about that Sergio Rossi somehow miraculously is able to create not only the most elegant sandals in the world, but at the same time, and sexiest. If so consider themselves women, it probably is. Technically, from a logical point of view, the case is built around ideally matched bend of the foot. And the fact that the design team would pick it carefully, no doubt. Never ceases to amaze the fruitfulness of such a decision.

Numerous testimonies indicate that over time found the images changed and evolved for the better and adopted the present perfect. Examples from the collections of 2009 and 2010 with authority and testify to this. This lightweight Shoe will impress the most indifferent for its perfect proportions, the combination of colors and texture materials. It meets the level of understanding of modern women’s shoes of the XXI century. Quality, of course, is not even discussed.

Sergio Rossi began his career in the 1950s under the guidance of his father, the hereditary shoemaker from the Italian region Romagna. Armed with tools and traditions, which gave his father (and free training), he went to Milan to hone their knowledge of the craft. He persistently studied here for 2 years, studying the forms and approaches to business in the heart of the Italian centre for footwear manufacture.

Early 60’s in Italy was a time of artistic and cultural revival and led to the emergence of modern Italian ready to wear, Italian handwriting in Vogue. It was a time when I first crossed the path of Sergio Rossi and Giovanni Versace. It was the perfect creative and commercial Union: Versace had a deep knowledge of the correspondences of the fabric and the female figure. Sergio Rossi did the same, finding such matching between the female body and shoes. This meeting provided the impetus to further cooperation. In the summer of 1966, Sergio Rossi began selling its first models in the shops of Bologna. Were the most successful model under the name «Opanca» – the design was simple and daring: the sole was delicately around the foot and imperceptibly connected with the top.

In the 70 copyright fashion – couture is growing rapidly. Sergio Rossi and Giovanni Versace developing their cooperation. Milan’s world of fashion says the designer shoes and couture fashion apparel, increasingly order shoes from Sergio Rossi. Orders so much that we have some of them to refuse. But this has never happened with the house of Versace. Cooperation continued. So craft gave way to the skill.

In the 80s the time has come to expand the business, and the brand is really one of the main players in the fashion world. The first boutique with the name Sergio Rossi have appeared in the Italian Ancona. Others followed: in Turin, Florence, Rome, Brussels, new York, Los Angeles and London. the Brand grew with such speed that between 1980 and 1999, the boutiques opened two Grand a year.

Numerous demonstrations and presentations developments have given a more accurate idea of «what women want», or rather, what he wants the female figure. This synthetic female icon and feel completely controls the space around them, understanding it as a space of seduction: it emits as much energy as is conceivable and possible.

His philosophy was simple: to create beautiful shape of the Shoe, while others dream of creating nice legs. Here lies the secret. He is to think not about the shoes how about a beautiful frame or ornament, as a continuation of the body. Great setting, comfortable, hygienic, adapted for movement of the modern woman.

Images of the 1990s were findings of Helmut Newton, with whom Sergio Rossi shared his innermost very avant-garde vision of a woman: the image of efficiency, control over the body and its energy, which in turn, affects the status. As an artist, the brand also came to use sharp angles to emphasize the verticality of the body, is present in the heel – at least three inches tall — which gives the leg its core energy, and the body – to become new.

Thirty years of creativity on the podium Sergio Rossi made highly visible in the environment of modern couturie, so much so that he attracted the attention of the largest of them: in 1999 it merged with the Gucci Group.

In October 2008, the brand Sergio Rossi has a new Executive Director is Francesco Russo. He exposes a critical understanding of all the brand’s collections, bringing a new vision.

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