Is it possible to Church in shorts?

Можно ли в церковь в шортах?

Today religion is one of the factors seriously influencing the way of life for many. Church attendance was not just a rite veroispovedaniya, but also the opportunity to get my thoughts in order, to relax, to be alone with him. And, it should be noted that to date, responsibility for such activities has increased significantly, including all ages than, for example, ten years ago. However, there were also those who, to put it mildly, does not understand the seriousness of going to Church. And mostly it is expressed in appearance. One of the pressing issues of the modern fashionistas became whether to Church in shorts.

Is it possible to Church in shorts woman?

To understand whether in the Church to go in shorts, it is necessary to understand the scope of what is permitted, and especially in regards to the appearance of women in «God’s abode». As you know, any premises relevant to religion, involves in the way of modesty, closeness and absence of any sexual, vulgar and attractive elements. Ideally, the woman should come to Church with covered head, hands and feet hidden. Therefore the accepted standard closet for any religious events today – it’s a long skirt or dress, closed shoes, scarf. There should be no cuts or incisions. Remember – a maximum of modesty.

Now let’s talk about the trousers, as the wardrobe for women in the Church. Pants were considered men’s clothing. In many countries, women’s trousers were of a dissolute and vulgar people. Today this view is only found in religious beliefs. Many churches even make men over trousers to wear a skirt or long coat.

To summarize, we can conclude that the Church in shorts, you should not. And to indicate at least two reasons. First, shorts are a type of trousers, and secondly, this closet and uncovered the legs which is unacceptable in the house of God.»

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