It differs from household linoleum, semi-commercial?

Linoleum is used for decoration quite often. Thus in each case, you first need to decide the material which varieties to purchase. In such choice situations often heard the question, the difference between household linoleum, semi-commercial. We will try to answer.

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Linoleum refers to a class of flooring. It is a water-repellent and flexible enough canvas. The structure of the material may be a single layer or multiple layers. Products household, commercial and also appeared not so long ago semi-commercial type differ in a number of characteristics.

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The division of linoleum for household and commercial are based on the recommended applications. The first of these varieties is designed primarily for home, one for organizations and many public places. However, the main criterion when choosing the material is the permeability of a particular room, since the difference of household linoleum, semi-commercial is their resistance to mechanical loads.

Household linoleum is designed for the moderate permeability. It has high tensile strength, which especially applies to products with no basis. Under heavy load the material quickly wiped and deformed. However, linoleum is named type possesses certain advantages. It’s elastic, so it is easier to work with when laying on the floor, and boasts a variety of design. Equally important is the relatively low price of such products.

Semi-commercial linoleum the structure is close to some varieties of domestic. However, this material is significantly stronger, due to increased thickness of its protective coating. With such characteristics, linoleum category «semi-commercial» can withstand a load of at those places where the permeability is relatively high but not maximum. In General, durability, flexibility, and price models of the specified type occupies a middle position between domestic and commercial.

After analyzing the difference between household and commercial linoleum, we can conclude that household option is intended primarily for residential homes. However, this flooring will perform its function and public areas with moderate traffic.

In turn, semi-commercial linoleum is ideal for offices, beauty salons, small shops and other places where there is a constant but not overly intense movement of people. With regard to residential properties, and where such material finds its application. Semi-commercial linoleum is well laid, for example, in migratory corridors or hallways. But buy it for the whole house in most cases is impractical.

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The type of linoleum: home
The type of linoleum: semi-commercial

For places with moderate traffic
For pretty high but not maximum throughput

Durability below
Durability above

Less flexible


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