What distinguishes the actor from the actor?

Came from the French language word «actor» and «artist», of course, interrelated. But to regard them as absolute synonyms cannot. What distinguishes the actor from the actor? To understand this, consider each of the concepts in detail.

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Actor is a profession, representatives of which can be seen on theatrical stages, in movies and promotional videos. Actors make diverse roles. In the human community since time immemorial, were held the public presentation. But the emergence of acting as an art associated with the emergence of the first ancient Greek theatres.

Artist (in the General meaning) – man, leading its activities in the field of art. In a narrower sense, an artist is someone who performs on stage or the circus: singer, musician, and reciter of verses, a juggler, animal trainer. There and portable, the ironic interpretation of the word. An artist can call trickster, rogue: Well, you and the artist!

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Thus, the word «artist» used to mean «person of art», was very long. Art encompasses many areas. This theatre, choreography, and stage, and much more. Once artists are rightly called also painters, sculptors. Therefore, the actor as artist is also an artist. This profession has its own specifics.

The difference of the actor from the actor is that he is engaged exclusively in the performance of roles. The actor can be, for example, comic or tragic. The people who serve the profession, must be able to skillfully transform, to successfully enter into the image of a character. Externally this is achieved by applying makeup, suit selection, and the development of gestures, intonation, manners of the depicted person. A crucial role is played by the ability of an actor to authentically convey the character traits of the hero, to show what the character lives, what he cares about.

It should be noted that a person who has reached heights in his art is called an artist. This word is always included in the honorary public titles. For example, an aspiring talented actor can then, thanks to his work, to become an honored artist.

In addition, to understand the difference between actor and artist, and analyzing the derivatives of the word «acting» and «artistry». The first of them in addition to the direct value of «the profession» has the meaning: a sham, a fake image, comfortable social role. Under artistry, in turn, refers to the elegance and virtuosity in the work, exquisite workmanship, and the ability to apply themselves.

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