A happy person can be anyone

The search for happiness is inextricably linked with the search for meaning in life. The basic principles on which the concept of a happy life: professional and creative, family and personal realization. To let happiness into your life means learning to be optimistic and enjoy the simple things.

Счастливым человеком может стать каждый

Happiness is available to everyone. What makes people unhappy? Often we just do not believe that can be happy, but such an attitude hinders true our dreams of happiness. Concentrating on the negatives and forgetting about the pros, looking back and envying others, we stop to enjoy the world and appreciate what we already have.
The problem of happiness is closely connected with the search of meaning of life. And if you generalize the experience of mankind, sets himself a question about the meaning of life since the time of Aristotle, it is possible to formulate the basic principles of achieving happiness.
1) Find themselves in professional and creative spheres.
To place in the profession is one of the basic human needs. When you consider that almost a third of our lives we spend at work, we just need to enjoy it. And this is possible in the case if you’re doing your job – that you really like and you will be able to Express themselves.
Will look other eyes at the «unloved» job – perhaps a creative approach to your daily responsibilities to paint your work with new colors and will make you much happier. Take the initiative, the management will appreciate it.

If your work frankly depresses you and brings only stress and frustration, do not be afraid to say goodbye to her.

2) to Realize themselves in the family
Find the person with whom you are comfortable to go through life that supports and helps – a great success. But we should not forget that family relationships is also work. During the joint life of the couple learn to listen to each other, learn respect and understanding. Your main task – to save love. If you every day to yearn for home, where you will find love, reason to feel happy you have always.

With the advent of children in the family, life truly takes on new meaning. Don’t forget that your children learn to be happy looking at you.

3) Personal realization
Believe in yourself, in your strength and capabilities. The achievement of mental harmony is very important in life, it is impossible to fully realize itself neither the work nor in the family. It means to accept and love yourself just the way you are. Don’t pretend, don’t try to be someone you are not actually.
The above principle is the so – called «whales» on which the search for meaning in life. However, there are a few simple tips that will help make your life happiness:
• think positive and be optimistic, because our expectations shape events.
• travel – a change of scenery is always a positive influence on our state. And the opportunity to learn in the journey, something new, to get acquainted with unfamiliar customs and way of life of other people is an invaluable experience;
• and perhaps most importantly – learn to notice the beautiful in ordinary things. There are so many amazing! You just need to take a rule from time to time to raise his head and gaze at the sky.
Change your attitude to life is not as difficult as it seems. Take a look, certainly in your community there are many good and kind people? You could implement something where you have come? You help people and see how sincerely he grateful to you? Reasons to feel happy a lot, just always be ready to let happiness into your life.

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