Sunburn what to do and how to treat

The sun’s rays warm the skin gradually without causing discomfort or pain. Because to notice the appearance of the burn may not be immediately. In severe cases, you may need medical help.

Солнечный ожог, что делать и чем лечить

Sunburn looks like the skin blush with the intensity of corresponding severity. May be accompanied by swelling of the affected area, are also varying degrees of severity. Skin feels dry and hot. Headache, the victim feels cold. The damaged area of skin can become numb, to feel a burning sensation and tingling. The stronger the burn, the result of the symptoms. Added blisters, often they are hidden under the top layers of skin and appear only after they exfoliate. If the blisters are large, with liquid contents are dangerous. If the blister is damaged, he will remain a large open wound, vulnerable to infection.

In children the skin is much more sensitive to the sun. Because a sunburn they are often accompanied by heat stress.

At the first sign of sunburn or even if you suspect get out of the sun. This precaution will save you from more serious consequences. If for some reason you find the burn too late, should contact the ambulance. Severe symptoms, including weakness and nausea suggests that the affected nerve system. Adequate assistance will be able to provide only specialist. If concerned about the redness and burning of the skin, you can understand yourself. The first thing you need to cool and moisten the skin, which managed to lose a lot of moisture.

If you got a severe sunburn, please wait for his complete healing before the new advent of the sun.

Apply to the affected area with a wet cloth, soak for half an hour. If the pain is too painful, take pain. Intensely drink plain water, because through the damaged area of the skin, the body loses fluid. It is best to drink mineral water at least a liter per day. After the first self-help it is necessary to start the procedure to restore the skin. They may include both medical and popular treatment. When the skin is cooled, it is necessary to moisturize.
To hydrate use a special cream, but not too bold. Well, if it will be with aloe, chamomile or calendula. Will fit and some products: yogurt, sour cream, egg whites. The burned area should be moistened, in any case can not wash it with soap and other escusivamente hygiene. In addition to moisturizing and softening will help. Potato mask: to RUB or grind in a blender a potato, apply the paste to the burn. Leave on 20 min. On the same principle the mask is made from the leaves of the cabbage.
Carrot mask: mix the pulp of carrot with egg white. This mask is best to do for burned skin. You can also lubricate the affected places juice of cucumber. Such natural masks to do at least 2 times a day for a noticeable effect. With sunburn it is important to ensure intake of sufficient amounts of vitamins E and C. To do this, eat more vegetables and fruits as well as nuts.

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