«Mouse-transformer adjusted to left-handers and right-handers

In the modern market of gaming devices revolutionary discoveries, though rare, but do happen. For example, a device such as a mouse-transformer allows gamers to change the length of the mouse, the weight, the angle of inclination of the surface, thus allowing you to customize it for themselves.

Gamers are a special category of users who need special computers and related peripherals. Including gaming mouse. Specifically for avid gamers there is a separate range of game controllers, for example, from the firm Cyborg or Razer. These devices allow gamers to always be one step ahead of their rivals.
Visually, these mouse like transformers because they are ergonomic. These devices have removable side panels that can be installed at different angles. In these mice it is possible to change the length of the device, pushing «back», you can adjust the angle of the surface, the deepening of thumb and even weight of the device. In General, here done everything that any gamer could configure the mouse under your hand, no matter he is right-handed or left-handed. Also, these mouse-transformers can be customized to suit individual games. For example, for the «shooters» can be tightly complement the device and get more control, and for strategies on the contrary – to expose him to put the whole arm and lazy movements to build buildings.
In the market of computer devices there are not many companies that produce similar mouse-transformers. For example, one of such firms – Razer. A few years ago, the company Razer unveiled its new gaming mouse – the Razer Ouroboros. This device looks more like a miniature spaceship than a tool for computer games. But visually, the mouse looks very impressive. Gaming mouse from Razer can work in wireless and wired mode, and also has special features that allow you to fit your hand.
The engineers at Razer took into account the fact that every gamer of their anatomic peculiarities of a hand and type of grip, so the device adjusts easily to any hand size, allowing you to adjust the length of the mouse, the angle of inclination and other characteristics.

The representatives of Razer said that the creation of this model, it took them about 3 years. Such a long period of development, of course, affected the quality of the device.

When testing and comparing devices from Razer and the usual cheap mouse (in the same game), it was discovered that the gamepad is a Razer Ouroboros obey the commands of the user and keeps the cursor in place. And when in the hands of the player gets a cheap mouse, then the situation becomes sad.
Another mouse-transformer – Mad Catz Cyborg R. A. T. 9 is also equipped with various controls. Externally, this device is also not much like a normal gaming mouse, and at first seems quite uncomfortable. But you can use rich options of this device and to customize it for yourself.

For this device was invented a special software with which you can configure the function of the buttons and manage profiles for different games. To download this software on the official website of the manufacturer.

Here it is possible to adjust almost everything – two interchangeable panels for a palm, two removable panels under the ring finger and little finger, a special compartment for storing weights (6 gram each), which you can use to adjust the weight of the gamepad. Behaves in such a mouse-transformer is just perfect, allowing you to get maximum enjoyment from the game.

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