Tips for erotic shots in the style of «Nude». How to feel free and liberated?

Photo shoot in the style of «Nude» — an unusual and vivid experience, able to show the beauty of the human body. For this imagery to prepare in advance: both morally and physically.

Советы для эротических съемок в стиле

«Nude»photo shoot is pretty intimate thing, so to prepare for it in advance. You need to start with communication with the photographer.
If shooting will take place in the Studio, it is necessary to clarify whether there are still people which put the light and what is the temperature in the room. In the case of a shooting is when a photographer will be assistant or assistant is able to quickly give clothes in case of difficult situations (or if the weather on the day of filming involves a low temperature). Immediately necessary to clarify the presence of makeup artist on the set. If not, face makeup and body have to do yourself and it is best to take a small purse with corrective and tonal resources.
Since the photo shoot in the style of «Nude» implies, you need to determine your attitude. If shooting this kind of occurs for the first time, it is better to choose a photographer is a girl or a fairly well-known man photographer. If the experience is not the first, then the best choice would be a photographer whose style of shooting is more like it. Do not forget that a professional during the photoshoot busy filming, and considering the model only from a professional point of view.

Do not think that the photographer will provide. In most cases, any survey is a collaboration between model and photographer, so all the ideas should be discussed in advance.

To come to the photo shoot in advance is better – in the Studio 15-20 minutes before the start of full-scale Playground for 20-30 minutes. This way you will be able to see the shooting from different angles, to try themselves on a given interior or landscape, to talk with the photographer and makeup artist and give yourself up, if makeup artist not. As a rule, all studios have a small room with good light, where you can update the make-up, comb your hair and straighten your clothes.
Start shooting better with a 10-15 minute photo shoot in clothing. Is best to bring familiar and favorite things and accessories that will help to create a sense of security and comfort. Remember that a good «Nude» does not necessarily mean full-naked-models – favorite stole, draped over the shoulders and covering the chest , at the same time meets the objectives of the survey and helps to not be nervous in the presence of a stranger. Once you feel calm, you can safely go for nudity.

A great liberating effect has music. A little dance in front of the camera to your favorite tune, it will be easy to move to the stage of shooting without clothes.

A large number of accessories (jewelry, scarves, hats) are also able to make the model more relaxed. For example, being distracted by beautiful beads, you become more natural in the shot and stop looking at the camera and the photographer. If you want to create an image in the style of any celebrity, you can view the pictures and videos with her, to look at characteristic gestures and facial expressions. If the photo session is focused solely on you, you can create an image from scratch.

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