Rose varieties for indoor growing

Room rose is a shrub with a height of 30-40 cm, with a large number of stems and spikes. Depending on the varieties can be different colors for the leaves and flowers, their surface is glossy, matte or wrinkled.

Сорта роз для комнатного выращивания

According to conventional classification, miniature potted roses are representatives of groups of garden roses. Home grown cultivar Bourbon roses, although its not always possible to call petite. Buds on this Bush kept quite long and have different shades: cream, pale pink and rich red. Flowering the plant begins too late, only by mid-July, but blooms until frost, and sometimes until the New year. In the winter Bourbon rose will take off all the leaves and new twigs start to grow in March. This variety is characterized by moods during rooting, the best rooting rose in April, using a growth stimulant and rooting.
Often home grown polyanthus roses, has a strong pleasant aroma. This variety in comparison with other can be called unpretentious, in pots they feel good. Shrubs are much branched and grow to a height of half a meter, heavily covered in early summer buds red or pink color. Sometimes found so soft shade of pink that he was mistaken for white, but with age, the petals are often darker.

Polyanthus roses obtained by crossing the Chinese-flowered roses, the result was several varieties suitable for growing at home.

Common polyanthus rose varieties «Triumph», curvy, with a more than usually rounded leaves of large size. Flowering begins in spring and continues through the winter months. The flowers of this variety are double, bright red color, the aroma is subtle and barely perceptible. The plant needs fertilizing, then the rose blooms profusely and longer, and in winter the plant feels good on the cold windowsills. The sort of «Miniatures» that fully meets its name, is very well suited for apartments. The flowers are double, all shades of pink, besides this variety has good rooting of cuttings.

Winter roses in this class tolerate well, feeling better in rooms with high humidity.

Medium size shrubs and flowers has a sort of «Clotilde», its flowers have a delicate pink color and a bright yellow middle, and a few days before wilting, the petals fade white. Winter the plants of this variety are well tolerated even in a warm room, when dwelling on the cold windowsill. A grade of «Gloria» famous colored flowers, resembling a smouldering coal shade and brightness. A shrub of small size and covered with small leaves, roses, too small. The smell of this variety, but the flowers kept at it for a long time. Difficult to tolerate the winter in warmth, he needs a complete rest and the temperature not higher than 10C.
Popular in indoor horticulture uses and Bengal rose red, characterized by simplicity among the other roses. Tillers well, blooms profusely, but does not smell. The flowers are semi-double, medium size, red or dark red color. This rose leaves in winter does not lose, is good for the winter in the rooms, continuing to bloom until the New year, but she will need artificial lighting for a harmonious development in this period. This variety is resistant to powdery mildew, but can not tolerate a scrap. If out of ignorance to cut it hard, maybe for a long time to be sick, cut the roses need only the weak and withered branches.

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