How to gradually draw pencil beautiful horse — easy lessons for children

The horse is a very beautiful animal. Artists know how hard it is to convey the grace of this stunning majestic creatures on paper. If you comprehend the art of painting, you should know how to draw a horse pencil step by step. Having looked at some tricks and techniques, you’ll be able to do it. There are several important nuances in the image of a horse, which you can find below.

Step-by-step master classes on drawing horses

Immediately is to say that the task is not easy. You can watch the lessons on how to learn to draw with a pencil in stages for beginners. The easiest way to depict schematically the animal. First, you must draw geometric shapes resembling the outlines of the horses, and then to pay attention to small details. If you follow these correctly, the horse will be very realistic.

To make a beautiful drawing of a horse, you will need:

  • pencils: take several options of varying degrees of softness, because thanks to them you will be easier to do shadows on картинке4
  • in addition, you will need plain white sheets of paper;
  • please be a good eraser, which gently and completely washed the extra touches today to buy this is not a problem.

How to draw the head and face

Step by step instructions:

  1. If you don’t know how to draw a horse’s head, start with the outlines. Draw three circles. The large top, medium below, and the smallest at the bottom. Little move a little to the left.
  2. Connect circles of the General contour of the muzzle. Don’t press too hard because then they might have to tweak. In the biggest circle circle the circle, which will then be eye.
  3. On top put two triangles that are the ears. On the nose the place the nostrils. Mark the line of the lips. Mark the horse’s neck. The circles you drew first, you can wipe.
  4. Proceed to the elaboration of the bridle. First, near the edges of the lips put the ring with the leash.
  5. In this step, draw the details of the head. Add mane. Beautiful razreshite eyes, ears and nostrils, give them a form.
  6. Complete the rest of the bridle. You are almost done.
  7. In order that the picture was natural, with a soft pencil add shadows.

How beautiful to draw the eye

Instruction for the image from the side view:

  1. Draw a circle. Divide it into four sectors slashes. On top, add another horizontal line. Draw two vertical rails, thus dividing the eyes into four equal shares.
  2. In the lower sectors indicate the oval, but not perfect, and reminiscent of lemon.
  3. Draw the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Top with straight thick lashes.
  5. Draw the dark pupil. It is to be under the lash and partly hidden.
  6. Add shade, label Shine of the lashes.

Manual for a picture from the front:

  1. Draw a vertical oval and place the guides as shown in diagram.
  2. The lines draw the eyelids and the eyeball.
  3. Add on top of lashes.
  4. Indicate the pupil. Add shadows and put in an eye Blick.

How to make a running horse

Instructions for those who don’t know how to draw a horse in motion:

  1. Hard pencil on a sheet of paper draw the outline of the animal. First, draw the oval of the torso, then draw the head in the shape of a pear. Connect them with the wide neck. Draw two straight lines. When you are satisfied with light contours, detail them in small touches.
  2. Indicate the position of the legs and tail. Make it slightly curved lines, so it will be easier to portray the horse in the race. Ensure that the legs were proportional to each other and other parts of the body.
  3. Start drawing the muzzle. In the circuit draw a large round top and small bottom. In the center of the upper mark of the eye. In a small draw lips and nostrils. At the top add lugs.
  4. The contours draw the back legs and then front. They have slightly narrowed down. Add the horse’s hoof.
  5. Start drawing the mane, tail. This is best done with a soft pencil. Mane should fly. Draw it with light wavy strokes. In a similar way, draw and tail. The pile should be longer than the mane.
  6. Erase the extra contour and put on the body of the shadow. Darker need to draw some parts of the neck, legs, mane. Scroll to the base of the tail. You know how to draw a running horse pencil step by step.

How to draw a horse


  1. First draw the outlines of the head and torso. The first is to be round, and the second oval.
  2. The first circuit begin to describe. Make extended down the face, from top to draw the eye and capture the animal’s neck.
  3. Thin lines draw the face. Mark the eye line, cheek and jaw, draw the nostrils. Indicate the eyelid.
  4. The next phase will be the most difficult. You will have to drill the body itself, drawing the muscles. Work slowly, every detail do small strokes so that the picture turned out to be voluminous. When the body is ready, proceed to the feet. Be careful when drawing the bottom part and hooves. When the main outlines have been indicated, draw the muscles.
  5. Work the hind legs.
  6. Give the horse in his painting chic waving mane and tail. Erase all footprints, you no longer need. Add the shadows. Now you know how to gradually draw a horse that jumps.

How to draw a horse for a child

The pencil drawings in stages it is difficult to make even an adult, and for children it is generally hard. So you can draw on paper a simple beautiful horse, and the coloring of the animal in different colors to instruct the kid. Work together is always very brings adult and child. Drawing is useful for the development of fine motor skills, so they often do them with the kids.

Step by step guide to drawing horses:

  1. First draw a big perfect circle, then head. Divide it the vertical line in two. Just below the right circle oval contour of the body. Connect the guiding formation of a smooth line.
  2. A large circle outline, make a slightly oblong face, above put ears.
  3. Put two symmetrically oval eye, nostrils. Top draw curl mane and few curls over the head.
  4. Draw the body of a horse.
  5. Bottom paint four tapered legs. Add a lush tail.
  6. Add a few more curls of mane left and right.
  7. Draw in the eyes of the pupils, fill in the hoof.
  8. Contour lines on which you started work, erase. If you want your child decorate the horse, then circle it with a black marker. Let the kid make it brown with white spots. The mane, hooves and tail recommend him to paint black.

A detailed video tutorial on drawing a horse for beginners

Photo of beautiful drawings of horses in pencil

If you are looking for inspiration then look at the following examples. Thanks to this photo, you will understand how to draw a beautiful horse pencil step by step. There are lots of options images of horses in different poses, with a portrayal of certain parts. When sketching horses with other people’s examples you can easily try to portray the animal because someone finished images you already you do not need. See photo images of horses and try to repeat them.

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