How to disable Avast antivirus via the settings app from the system tray; using the configuration section of the computer

Among the free antivirusnika Avast is a leader because perfectly cope with the protection of your computer. Sometimes it blocks some features of the programs, considering them suspicious (e.g. installers). In this situation it is useful to know how to disable Avast antivirus on time to install the necessary software.

How to disable Avast

Those users who do not want to pay for a program to protect your PC, usually opt for Avast Free. Website developer always with the current version, which you can download. The program has many advantages:

  • the tools available in the Free version of fully coping with the protection system;
  • improved anti-spyware -;
  • cloud database updates to help quickly scan your computer for threats;
  • startup with the system.

Sometimes antivirus works so «in good faith» that begins to quarantine any files that do that for him incomprehensible actions. It interferes with the installation of new applications, games, utilities, so there is a need to understand how to disable Avast during installation of the program. For this you can use two methods:

  • via the settings app from system tray;
  • using the configuration section of the computer.

In the system tray

The easiest way to disable antivirus Avast – through setup menu program. In order to enable them, you must go to the application menu by clicking on the icon. Clear instructions on how to disable Avast:

  1. In the right bottom corner of your OS, locate the icon with the letter «a». It might be hidden in the task pane, expand and locate the picture.
  2. It must be pressed the right button will drop a context menu, here select «Avast shields Control».
  3. Drop-down list appears with the following options: off, 10 min, 1 hours, until system restart, permanently. If you are not sure how long it will take to install and will there be a reboot of the system, it is recommended to choose the cursor option «Forever». After all necessary manipulations stop screens can be re-enable.
  4. After clicking on «Forever,» an additional window will appear that will clarify whether you need to temporarily turn off the protection, confirm the action.
  5. On the home page will show a red «Not protected», says that the program is in sleep mode. It’s all action, how to turn off Avast antivirus.
  6. At the end all required for installation of the manipulation again, go to the same menu, but select «Enable all shields» to protect your PC against viruses, spyware, utilities.

Change the configuration of the computer

If the first method how quickly to turn off Avast antivirus, you have not worked, you can go a little the other way and remove the protection via the configuration PC. For this you need to remove it from startup to utility does not start automatically. Manual for 7 version Windows:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Scroll to «system Configuration»
  3. In the tab «startup» uncheck antivirus.
  4. Do the same in the section «Services».
  5. Then restart the computer.

After these actions the system will boot without Avast protection will not work. Don’t forget that after all the steps used to install the software you need to re-enable the application. Repeat all the above steps but this time put a tick next to the application. After a reboot the OS in the system tray you should see an icon utility. Try to avoid installing software that requires disabling protection, it can harm your PC: delete data, spy on your passwords and logins, to use the resources without your knowledge.

Video: How to temporarily disable avast antivirus

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