Lifting mechanism for bed: description of a spring mechanism , gas shock absorbers and with the manual lift mechanism, their advantages and price

Very popular among the modern inhabitants enjoys a Murphy bed. In the home furnishings act not only as a bed, and wardrobe. Folding bed comes with drawers for storage: bedding, linen, clothing. Such functional hardware allows you to save the space of the apartment.

The benefits of beds with lifting mechanism

A wardrobe usually complement the high-quality orthopedic frame, so that the product provides a healthy, deep sleep. The boxes have all models roomy, so they easily accommodate even bulky things like duvets and pillows. Lifting mechanism for bed solves several problems at once: insufficient space for storage in the closet and uncomfortable sleep. Other advantages of bedroom furniture, equipped with a lift:

  • ensuring a comfortable sleep;
  • the presence of linen drawers;
  • easy operation;
  • the reliability of the wooden base;
  • a variety of shapes, sizes (are available in double, Queen and single);
  • you can use any mattress, including orthopedic:
  • reasonable price;
  • tight fit mechanism, whereby things protected from dust.

Variety of lifting mechanisms

Modern beds with lifting mechanism can sit vertically or horizontally. In addition, transformers are classified according to the type of lift that is equipped with. The type of device depends on the ease and usability of the furniture, as well as its cost. Each option is convertible Ottoman has its own characteristics and differences in the process of operation. Accessories for beds with lifting mechanism is divided into three types:

  • spring;
  • gas shock absorbers;
  • with manual lifting.

Raising mechanism for bed springs on the twisted

A good option is a spring-loaded transformation mechanism of the bed. It is convenient to use, but not durability. In the operation of furniture for sleeping it is often difficult (springs stretch and wear out), causing require a complete replacement mechanism. Average warranty period of the devices on the twisted spring is 3-5 years. These models are relatively inexpensive, therefore these are widely demanded.

Gas shock absorbers

Such a lifting mechanism for a bed is the most comfortable and reliable, however, and the price is appropriate. To operate the device will even a teenager as the process of using furniture gas shock absorbers are very simple. Sleeper, fitted with gas lift, opens virtually without human help. Mechanism with gas shock absorbers operates smoothly and silently. Gas lift for bed is from 5 to 10 years of active use. Depending on the material of the furniture (array, MDF, etc.) and the severity of the mattress, selected a suitable power attenuator.

On hinges with manual lifting without springs or shock absorbers

This is the cheapest version of the device. The mechanism does not include any auxiliary parts such as springs or dampers, so when you open the boxes required to make significant efforts. Adults able to cope with such a burden, but the child it will be not under force, therefore, the furniture hinges for a child’s room is not suitable. In addition, before you can get access to underwear boxes, will have to completely remove the mattress. There are mechanical models and the pros they are durable and reliable.

Features choice

Sleep is an important part of life because it depends on emotional and physical health. This is due to the importance of choosing the right bed. Great play value Assembly, dimensions, material, appearance and other characteristics of furniture for sleeping. What to look for when choosing a hoist for the bed:

  1. The dimensions of the room. Double bed with lifting mechanism is not a viable choice for small apartments because it takes a lot of space. For a small bedroom more suitable for a single location with vertical ascent. When the bed is not needed, bring it up to the wall and the furniture for sleeping transformirovalsya in the closet. Such folding beds has a significant disadvantage – they do not provide the ability to store things. For very small homes can do built-in wall bed in order to individually designed drawing.
  2. Side opening of the frame. Grid (base) can rise in the manner of the books: on the side or at the foot. The choice should be based solely on ease of use for the individual.
  3. Production. A good reputation earned by the Italian devices, in addition, many domestic brands produce high quality products. When you select a particular manufacturer is better to be guided not by advertising, but real feedback from people.
  4. The presence of additional parts. It is better that the furniture for sleeping was equipped with amps and blockers. Such details are needed to protect the person from injury when spontaneous closure of the Ottomans. Especially need blockers double beds.
  5. The assembled mechanism or parts? Do not try to self-assemble the lift, guided by the diagram in the instructions. Since this is a complex element that is responsible for the entire design, it needs to engage a qualified technician. Depends on how safe operation of furniture.
  6. The height of the product. If you purchase upholstered furniture with a hoist in the bedroom, it should not be too high, otherwise the child will be uncomfortable to use it.
  7. Screed box for linen. To prevent deformation of the box choose a model with at least three side walls, which divide the drawer into compartments.

Where to buy and how much is the mechanism for folding beds

Buy a quality device in the furniture salons of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Also, buy lifting devices for beds may place your order via the Internet. Price of products depends on the manufacturer (domestic or imported) and device type. Examples of cost of different types of lifts:


The average cost


About 1000 R.

Gas shock absorbers

2000-4000 R.

With manual lift

Until 500 p.

How to assemble a bed with the lifting mechanism with your hands

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