The computer will not turn on

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The phrase in the headline, we often hear and read in the comments of users on this website. In this tutorial details all the most common situations of this kind, possible causes of the problem and information on what to do if computer does not turn on.

In any case, I note that this is only the case if after pressing the power button on the screen does not appear any messages from the computer (i.e. you see a black screen with no previous inscriptions motherboard or the message that no signal).

If you see a message stating that there was some error, then it is not «not included», is not loaded by the operating system (or there have been some failures BIOS or UEFI). In this case I recommend to watch the following two articles: Windows 10 does Not start, does Not start Windows 7.

If the computer does not turn on and it beeps, I recommend to pay attention to the material Computer beeps when turned on, which will help determine the cause of the problem.

Why not turn on the computer is the first step towards finding the cause

Someone can say that the proposed below — too much, but personal experience suggests otherwise. If your laptop or computer does not turn on, check the cabling (not just a plug stuck in the socket, but the connector connected to the system unit), performance of the outlets, etc. related to the connecting cables (perhaps the performance of the cable).

Most power supplies have an additional on-off switch (usually you can detect it in the back of the system unit). Check that it was in the «on» position (Important: do not confuse it with the switch 127-220 Volts, usually red and inaccessible to ordinary switch with your finger, see photo below).

If shortly before the appearance of problems do you clean the computer from dust or installed new equipment, and the computer does not «completely», i.e. no fan noise, no light indicators for power, check the connection from the power supply to the connectors on the motherboard, and connect the front panel connectors of the system unit (see How to connect front panel of the system unit to the motherboard).

If when you turn on the computer rustles, but the monitor does not turn on

One of the most common cases. Some mistakenly believe that if the machine beeps, coolers work, the LEDs («light») on the system unit and the keyboard (mouse) glow, then the problem is not in the PC but just does not turn on the computer monitor. In fact, most often it is said about the problems with the computer’s power supply, RAM or motherboard.

In the General case (for the average user that does not have at hand the additional power supply units, motherboards, circuit boards of RAM and voltmeters), you can try to perform the following steps to diagnose the cause of this behavior (before the described action turn off the computer from the outlet, and the complete power failure press and hold the power button for a few seconds):

  • Remove strap memory, wipe their contacts with a soft rubber eraser to put in place (and better to do it on the same Board, verifying the inclusion of each of them).
  • If you have a single monitor output on the motherboard (integrated GPU), try to disable (remove) a discrete video card and connect the monitor to the integrated. If after that the computer turned on, try wiping the contacts separate graphics card and install the. In this case, if the computer does not turn on again, with no beeps, maybe it’s the power supply (in the presence of a discrete graphics card it no longer «cope»), and probably in the video card.
  • Try also the computer is switched off) remove the battery from the motherboard and install back in place. And if before the occurrence of the problem you faced with the fact that the computer is reset the time — if not replace it. (see Reset the time on the computer)
  • Please note if the motherboard of swollen capacitors that may look like the image below. If there is — perhaps it is time for repair or replacement of the MP.
  • To summarize, if the PC turns on, fans run but no display — most often it is not the monitor and not even the video card that is «top 2» reasons: the RAM and power supply. On the same subject: When you turn on the computer does not turn on the monitor.

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    Computer turns on and immediately turns off

    If immediately after switching on, the computer shuts down without any squeaks, especially when shortly before that he was not involved the first time, then the cause is likely in the power supply or the motherboard (pay attention to paragraphs 2 and 4 above).

    But sometimes it can talk about the faults of other equipment (e.g., video card, again, pay attention to item 2), problems with the cooling of the processor (especially if sometimes the computer begins to boot, and the second or third attempt — off immediately after power on, and shortly before that you are very skillfully changed the thermal paste or cleaned the computer from dust).

    Other causes of failure

    There are also many unlikely, but still used options, including a chance encounter with these:

    • The computer is enabled only in the presence of a discrete graphics card, because the internal went out.
    • The computer only turns on if you turn off the connected printer or scanner (or other USB devices, especially if they have appeared recently).
    • The computer will not turn on while connected to a faulty keyboard or mouse.

    If nothing in the instructions did not help you, ask in the comments, trying as much detail as possible to describe the situation — as it is not included (as it appears to a user) what happened directly before this and were there any additional symptoms.

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