The main mistakes with the introduction of complementary foods

With the onset of the age of 4-6 months every mommy thinks about how and when to introduce solid foods to your baby. What products to introduce your baby, and what better to wait.

Основные ошибки при введении прикорма


1. In the way of introduction of complementary foods it is possible to make some mistakes that will negatively affect the baby’s health. Too early acquaintance of the child with baby food can affect the digestion of the baby (particularly the stomach). Up to 4-6 months it is not necessary to introduce solid foods because it upset the metabolism of the baby and will affect not the best way to health in adult life of the child.

2. There are supporters of the late feeding. It is believed that the nutrients of breast milk is enough for baby for a long time. Thus, the mother leaves the baby food is not only of interest, but also many vitamins and minerals. Also the late introduction of complementary foods may boost your child’s iron deficiency anemia, due to the lack of iron in breast milk and affect the delay of physical development.
For the optimal introduction of complementary foods choose the age of the baby from 4-6 months (determined individually), the child must be able to sit, usually he already has the first teeth, there is no ejection reflex and there is interest in adult food.

3. Too rapid introduction of complementary foods will also impact adversely on the child’s body. To introduce the new product is gradually, starting with half a teaspoon and increasing to one feeding according to age for 2 weeks. With the simultaneous introduction of at least 2 components of food you may not understand what the child had an Allergy or rash.

4. Another common mistake when typing the lure is too much power, contrary to the age of the baby. It happens that the mother is very glad that the little one good eating vegetables or meat, and gives these products beyond the norm. What it may lead in the future? And in the future of the child might expect the obese, the burden on the excretory system and metabolic disorders. Can also occur allergies, irregularity and digestion.

5. And with the introduction of a new product, the baby should be hungry, not full. That is, first it is necessary to give the child to try a vegetable or fruit puree, and then finish feeding the baby’s chest. And not Vice versa. A well-fed baby is likely to refuse to try new «foods».

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