8 ways to instantly improve your mood

If you have a difficult day, I advise you to enlist the simple ways to quickly lift your mood and keep my spirits up by lunchtime.

8 способов моментально улучшить себе настроение


Light the candles

Fire has on people is truly magical effect. Humble flickering flame instantly burn all your worries and sorrow. Just view a few minutes on the burning candle.

Be aware of the time

Sit in a chair, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. Be aware of everything that happens, listen to the surrounding sounds. Admit who you are here and now. Stop dreaming and to imagine themselves as someone else. Now it is important only your breath.


Select the person you want to say thanks, or refer to a higher power. You can write things for which are grateful, on a sheet or just think about them. The main thing – to do it sincerely, with all my heart. And things should not be less than seven.

Take a NAP

Fifteen-minute sleep can create miracles, «reboot» our brain and setting it on a productive wave. Bad mood are in the moment before sleep, and Wake up you are already happy and relaxed person.

Listen to the music

We all have songs associated with some happy moments from the past. Combine them all into one playlist and listen to it when you somehow feel sad. Usually just 10 minutes, the mood completely changed its course.


Hug the person who you pleasant. The exchange of human warmth remarkably uplifting.

Stop procrastinating

Usually procrastinating something important, and then stimulates in us anxiety and stress. Start gradually to achieve long-planned goals, and the mood will align itself.

Eat delicious

Treat yourself to a favorite meal in beautiful surroundings. Go to a cafe or just a beautifully decorate table at home, it doesn’t matter. Indulging yourself in such things, we improve your mood.

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