What actions you should avoid before bedtime

Insomnia is one of the main problems of modern humanity. Although we work 18 hours a day, sleep is not so easy. And there are well-founded reasons.

Каких действий стоит избегать перед сном


Abstain from heavy food at night

Go to bed on an empty stomach is the best strategy for dealing with insomnia. Fast food or other nutritious food makes our stomach to work very hard, and in the end, we not only difficult to fall asleep, but we Wake up sluggish and still somehow tired.

Turn off the computer and phone

Blue screen increases the activity of the brain and does not allow him to relax quickly, eventually the quality of sleep suffers. If you plan to keep youth and beauty for a longer period, we recommend you to postpone all technical devices aside at least an hour before bedtime.

Reduce physical activity

Of course, good training should only be a incentive, so we slept like a baby until the morning, but in reality it is not so. Doing sports right before sleeping, you awaken your body and it will be in the same «aprosiana» status for hours. In addition, after any workout you need to eat well, and about this, see point 1.

Do not use before bedtime

Work great before going to sleep reduces the productivity of the brain and causing enormous damage to the quality of sleep. As a result: with the work you will handle worse, and besides, and feel always tired and overwhelmed.

Do not drink coffee

The caffeine that is contained not only in coffee but also in tea and even cocoa, should go on your body not later than 18.00. So replace the usual evening coffee on a Cup of yogurt, and you will be happy.

Calm emotions

This means that rough discussion of forthcoming parties, showdowns and even a book with a dashing story should prove to be a taboo in the evening. This shake-up is quite capable not only get you out of balance, but also deprived of sleep on the next night, in principle.

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