How best to create the perfect basic wardrobe

Many girls are faced with the problem that things in the closet like a lot, and wear nothing. How to make such a situation? There is a solution! You just need to make a basic basic wardrobe, which will be really qualitative and combined with each other things that subsequently will last a long time. These things you can then navigate, picking up the rest of the wardrobe.

Как лучше всего составить базовый гардероб

List the things that must be present in the basic wardrobe. White and black t-shirt with short sleeves. They can be combined with any kind of cardigans and jackets. They will never be superfluous in the wardrobe.

Dark blue straight — leg jeans are a universal thing that will never go out of fashion. Can be combined with any blouses, shirts and t-shirts.

Beige or black ballet flats. Design a minimum – use the maximum. Suitable for any skirts, trousers, jeans. Better if they are with no heel or small heel, high five centimeters.

Black or beige high heels. The material is better to choose the least distracting: suede, leather.

Light straight shirt-straight cut would be appropriate in both formal and informal settings. Will be perfectly combined with the above things. It is better to have a few pieces in different shades.

Pencil skirt in a neutral color — a universal thing, even if you are not working in the office. Can be worn with crazy switchtime and sweaters. The only point worth mentioning is that she has to sit perfectly, so you should think over the height of the waist and length.

Bags must be three or more: one for each day, universal, the second a little to put the keys and phone, and the last summer light. For basic wardrobe should choose one of the bags.

Little black dress. The main thing here is just how it sits, because dress may be appropriate for a party, and in the office. It is possible to buy little black or white dress, perfect for you figure.

Pants. Classic, tapered, slightly flared – it doesn’t matter. Importantly, perfectly sitting on the figure and stressed feet. Basic colors: black, blue.

Jumper with V-neck is ideal for daily outlets, and office work. Colors neutral.

The cardigan needs to be the basic colors – black, blue, beige and look equally well on your office clothes and casual attire. The material should be selected based on the time of year: cotton or wool.

Trench. Classic colors: black or beige. It’s the clothes, which will save and in the spring, cool evenings, and in the early autumn drizzle. Mandatory details cut: wide belt with buckle, collar, yoke, pseudogene buttoned tabs on the sleeves and back slit.

All of these things – this is the base upon which you can build your own style, without fear of the problem of «nothing to wear». Don’t forget that you should have 70% of simple things and 30% of bright things, if you want to achieve is the efficient wardrobe. With such clothes you will not be difficult to find the way out, and in the office.

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