What is the difference between men’s shoes by women?

Sneakers traditionally are classified as male and female. What are the features of those and others? What is the difference between men’s shoes by women?

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What are men’s sneakers?

This type of sneakers is primarily characterized by low-key colors: dominated by 1-2 neutral colors. Typically, the design of such sneakers does not involve the placement of a large number of patterns. The appropriate kind of shoes might be presented in almost any size range.

There are some anatomical features of men’s sneakers. So, sole this type of footwear is usually sufficiently rigid in order to withstand the great weight of sportsman kick his feet from a solid surface.

The width of the heel and toe region men’s sneakers differs not too much, because the heel on a man’s leg is usually not much narrower than the front part of the foot.

The insole in the footwear typically quite thick and dense. Shoelaces for men’s shoes — durable and massive. Depreciation elements on this Shoe is usually not too strong.

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This type of sneakers is characterized, in turn, more vivid, rich colours, which can be several different colors. The design of this type of shoes often involves accommodation to a large number of patterns. Size range women’s shoes are usually available in shops up to size 39-40. But, of course, there are much larger models of shoes of the appropriate type.

Have women’s running shoes a number of anatomical features. So, they are usually present:

  • narrow pad;
  • reinforced shock-absorbing elements;
  • thin, light, internal insoles and laces.

This structure of the sneaker connected with the peculiarities of the female foot: the back of it in many cases much narrower than the front. Therefore, this kind of shoes, as a rule, there is a narrow Shoe.

Women are usually lighter than men. This is due to the ability to place in these shoes, the less rigid the sole, as well as to complement its enhanced shock-absorbing elements.

Insole for women’s shoes, usually fairly thin and lightweight. The same can be said about the laces. This helps to reduce the weight of shoes.

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There is, therefore, more than one different men’s running shoes from women’s. The difference between these types of footwear can be traced in the aspect of:

  • color;
  • the presence of the patterns;
  • sizes;
  • the width of the pads;
  • the stiffness of the sole;
  • features shock-absorbing elements;
  • the thickness of the insole and massiveness of the laces.
  • Note that many manufacturers of sneakers supplied on the market are universal models, in varying degrees, characterized by signs of both female and male shoes of the appropriate type that we considered above.

    Defining the difference between men’s and women’s sneakers, reflect the findings in the table.

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    Mens sneakers
    Womens running shoes

    What is common between them?

    On the market there are suppliers of sneakers versatile — suitable for both men and women

    What is the difference between them?

    Usually painted in neutral tones
    Usually painted in bright colors

    Usually do not have patterns
    Often have patterns

    Presented in almost any size range
    Presents usually in sizes up to 39-40

    Have a relatively wide pad
    Have a narrow Shoe

    As a rule, have a more rigid sole
    Tend to have less rigid sole

    Usually do not have the reinforced shock absorbing elements
    Typically have enhanced cushioning elements

    Have thick insoles, and a chunky shoelaces
    Usually have thin and light insoles and laces

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