How to choose women’s sandals

Hot summer – time selection of stylish women’s sandals.

Как правильно подобрать женские сандалии

First, merit our attention, it is the combination of footwear with the style of the wardrobe and her comfort. Perfectly complemented image and the personification of any direction — the second important condition. Fashion trends at the moment several types. Boho-chic and the 70s are the cornerstone of the trend of recent years. Lace, fringe and suede are the main characteristics of the Bohemian style. On top of fashion also minimalism, the opposite of Bohemian. For daily summer wear suitable sandals in a minimalist style; its basis is the absence of unnecessary adornments, clean lines and versatility, a wide leather strap around the foot.

But what if a simple pair of sandals tired of wearing? In this case, will be attractive unusual model with original parts.

«Snake print» inherently worthy of special attention. The decor this year was embraced by many famous designers. An unusual innovation was the fact that «snake print» were used for decorating the bottom of the Shoe, such as platform and heel.

Various rivets, crystal appliqués and leather trim with a metal surface, animalistic figures will add sophistication to every look. On top of fashion also remain classic summer sandals with thin straps. Summer sandals should be bright – so unanimously decided designers about the color of the shoes. Yellow, blue, green, orange, peach and pink – the most fashionable colors of this summer. And black, white and brown color in the summer season of 2016, also remain relevant.

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