Why modern marriages fail

When people start to meet each other, they dream that their love will be eternal and they will always be together. So of course they decided on marriage because they want to be even officially a family. Unfortunately, not all marriages last a brand a lifetime. Increasingly, you can hear that one or the other couple divorced. Statistics of divorces in the modern world is really disappointing. Relationships never end just like that, so modern divorces are the most common causes.

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Very often disintegrate too early marriage. When people fall in love with each other in their Teens, they are absorbed only by feelings and not think about anything else. They yearn to be together and almost immediately after the school run to the Registrar. And like all good, after all, between young people there is a strong love, but after a while it happens divorce. And all because the guy and girl still perceive each other as teenagers, they were in the beginning of the relationship, but time goes on and they grow, they become different and absolutely not ready to overtaken their changes. In addition, the situation is aggravated by the fact that the majority of people are free, they can spend your time how you want and not tied down to one person. If the partners are not developed, it also leads to the collapse of relations.

The cause of the destruction of the relationship and marriage can become a career. Cord a time of romance is, usually people start not so much attention to each other as before. Many are actively engaged in career and forget about their second half. It seems that the relations remain the same as they were before, but keep in mind that even in marriage the relationship must be constantly and work hard.

One of the main reasons why people differ, is the life to which most couples are not ready. Early in their relationship was only romantic, but gradually, it fizzles and domestic issues in any case appear. But you need to be able to deal with them, then the relationship will be maintained. In addition, you should try to bring a little romance to the family.

Not everyone can put up with the habits of the partner, which start to open only when people live together. In man, everything begins to irritate and, of course, continue to build the relationship becomes difficult.

For modern people is very important money because they understand that without them, life is extremely difficult. Therefore, when a family starts its financial difficulties, many families break up due to conflicts against the backdrop of lack of material resources.

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