How to apply eyeshadow

What is the key to a successful makeup? Of course, the beautifully painted eyes! Perhaps the most lengthy and the most complex part of any makeup is eye shadow. But if you cope with the task, your look will attract the attention of others!

Как правильно наносятся тени для век

For many women, eye shadow is very simple, in one step – just take a brush and apply the eye shadow. But it’s wrong! Eye shadow takes place in any stage, not even two! This is real art. If you want to accentuate the beauty of your eyes, then learn to properly apply all types of shadows are very important!

Makeup base

Without it anywhere. Start to create the makeup with applying Foundation! Thus the basis is chosen under the structure of shadows. For example, if you plan to use shadows, it is better to take a transparent powder but if liquid – then use a special moisturizer for dry skin, liquid and powder – for oily skin of the eyelids. For other types of shades fit cream Foundation or a special primer under makeup. It’s all buy in the professional beauty supply stores!

Eye shadow

Now go directly to the shadows. Again, many believe that there is enough in one color to draw a line at age. But it’s too corny and ugly! First, on the entire lid apply the light tone from the lashes to brow. And already along the top border is applied to a dark line (applied on mobile eyelid). Can be applied to the corners of his eyes contrasting bright spots. If you decide to use a pearl shade, they are more suitable for evening makeup. And even better they use girls without wrinkles, the skin around the eyes should be smooth. Pearly or shiny shadows are applied solely on the outer corner of the eye or centre of the lid. Liquid eye shadow should not be applied on lower eyelids. If you follow these simple rules, apply the eye shadow will not be difficult!

Adjustable makeup

Shadows caused? Well, now it’s time to tweak the border of the eye, use cotton swab and creams. Look in the mirror – bright it eyes? Too stand out? Then on top of the shadows can be applied to the powder — quite a bit, as if ready makeup seemed dull — you can apply a second layer of shadows.

Fix makeup

Now ready makeup fix is a must that for some reason many neglect! Here you will transparent powder. She helps shadow will not crumble, stay longer on the eyelids.

Finishing touches

You can now complete the eye makeup – apply mascara on the lashes, or create a circuit using a cosmetic pencil. If you have bright eye makeup, then lips, just apply a transparent gloss. It is not necessary to focus simultaneously on eyes and lips.

If you apply the shadows correctly, your eyes will become more expressive, vivid, and attractive! And remember that it is necessary to carefully select the shades as the color of eyes and color of skin, hair. And, of course, experiment – otherwise, how else to get in this business of experience? And have the skill to create both everyday and festive makeover in a matter of minutes!

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