How to connect the Internet-connection in private house

It is impossible to imagine people who would not use actively the Internet. He is everywhere: and in gadgets and computers, and in apartments, and cottages. What to connect to the Internet in a private house? How good is the Internet connection?

Как подключить интернет-соединение  в частный дом

One of the most affordable ways to connect country the Internet is considered a 3G-4G modem. The advantages of this method of connection consists in a wide choice of provider from MTS to Tele2 with a variety of unlimited plans. Minuses of such Internet connection is insufficient coverage of a particular network. That is, in some areas the signal will be stable and can compete with wired Internet, and some users may have loaded about 10 minutes. Choosing a 3G-4G modem, you need to know about the coverage areas of the selected Internet service provider.

The second way to connect the Internet to a country house — a home-made antenna biquadrate. Exactly how to do it and what you can learn from videos on the Internet. The advantages of this method are that the material costs for the antenna biquadrate minimum: about 100-200 rubles. The Internet will be free for you. But there is a downside: the antenna catches the wifi signal in the range of 2-3 km. If your house is near the city and there is nesparennym wi-fi, then you are in luck.

The best way to connect the Internet connection into a private house, but also the most expensive is a wi-fi linkup. Such equipment costs about 20 thousand rubles. But the Internet connect, there’s not one house but several, even the whole village. Everything will depend on the hardware properties, its cost and user requests. The meaning of connection is that within 10 km of you, you should be a house in the city with a stable wired Internet. One antenna is on a house, and the second to your house. Using a wi-fi signal you receive Internet with the same speed as in the city. Provider you can choose any from Beeline to Tele2.

Satellite Internet will cost even more. For good Internet connection the dish must be two-way for receiving and sending signal.

Here are 4 ways of connecting to the Internet in non-urban areas exist. What to use choose.

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