Create bootable USB drive Linux

Use a flash drive it is possible not only to transfer information between computers, but also to install the operating system. Create a bootable flash drive Linux it is not difficult, and in this article I will tell on steps how it to make for almost any distribution.

Создание загрузочной флэшки Linux

You will need

  • usb flash with a capacity of not less than 2 GB;
  • -computer with Windows or Linux;
  • -iso image of Linux distribution is needed.


1. The first thing you need to prepare a USB flash drive to install to it installation image of Linux distribution. For this you need to download the program USB Disk Storage Format Tool. You’ll find it on the Internet. This utility you need to format the flash drive in FAT file system (note not FAT32, and FAT) for better compatibility. The same can be done in Linux using built-in tools. In Ubuntu this is the program disks or gparted (you will need to install separately).

Usb format tool.

2. Download and install Unetbootin. In Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and its derivatives this utility is already in the repositories so just install it through the package Manager (software Center, Synaptic, etc.). For Windows program can be downloaded on the official website

Unetbootin в центре приложений Ubuntu.

3. Insert the flash drive into the usb port. Run Unetbootin from the menu. Please note that the program will require administrative privileges. If you haven’t yet downloaded the iso image of the Linux distribution, then it can be done directly in the program Unetbootin. At the top of the window, select the distribution and the version. Then at the bottom select your usb drive and specify on what kind of media you want to install. I recommend to disable all unnecessary flash during the installation procedure, in order not to destroy important data. Press the «OK» button and then begin downloading the image and its subsequent installation on the flash drive. The procedure can take a long time if you have slow Internet connection.

Установка xubuntu на флэшку.

4. If the menu Unetbootin no required distribution or you have already downloaded the image yourself, choose the option «disk Image» at the bottom. Then clicking on the ellipsis button, locate the image you just uploaded. Specify the usb stick as in the previous step and click OK. Will start immediately unpacking the image to a USB flash drive. Thus it is possible to install almost any image on a flash drive. For example Drweb Live CD or Hirens Boot CD.

Установка любого образа на flash.

5. When you install the image on usb stick is finished you can boot from it and proceed to install Linux on a PC or diagnose with the help of Live CD distributions.

Установка Ubuntu.

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