7 simple rules for a happy marriage

Modern statistics is very sad – for ten marriages have eight divorce proceedings. But both want to live with the person you love happy and long life, to become a model of family wellbeing.

7 простых правил счастливого брака

In the mid XX century American psychologist and writer Dale Carnegie, in his book «How to win friends and influence people» described seven simple rules to a happy marriage.

Rule # 1. Never under any circumstances complain or «nag» spouse.

Paradoxically, but it is the eternal reproaches and attacks capable of destroying even the strongest marriage. But for some reason, the majority mistakenly believes that the second half will be better, if you constantly blame. Will not! Moreover, because of the constant scandals of people can become worse than he really is.

Rule # 2. Never try to change her chosen.

It’s no use. Every person has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Better to focus on the positive qualities of a loved one.

Rule # 3. No criticism.

No man, being of sound mind and memory, will not tolerate criticism in your address. Criticism is the surest way to kill a good relationship.

Rule # 4. Sincere appreciation is the best way to extend the relationship.

Why women are so eager to look good and men to achieve career heights? Everyone wants appreciation. But life often discolor, and now what once caused a storm of delights for granted. A routine is the worst enemy of marital happiness. Be appreciative of each other, and don’t ignore the nice things.

Rule # 6. Be helpful with her companion.

A kind word and a cat is nice and caring and helpful attitude to the life partner – an integral part of a happy marriage. Any man knows that a gentle and reverent attitude to the woman he loves makes a woman bloom. And women know perfectly well that the softness and tenderness forced the men to overlook certain transgressions.

Rule # 7.Attention to the sexual side.

Oh, how many written books, articles and journals devoted to this topic, but in most families the issue leaves much to be desired. Disharmony in sexual relationships – not the most rare cause of family disintegration. Unfortunately, the majority of young people, despite the enormous amounts of information, remain illiterate in bed matters.

It is not necessary to ignore about any problems or inconveniences. The best way to tactfully discuss the questions with your partner or to consult a specialist in this field.

Remember that passion fades, giving way to stronger feelings, or throwing people in different directions. In any case, keep the long family relationship will depend on each person.

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