The role of accessories in daily life

Accessories are an important final addition to the image, so the development and evolution of such important trends simply can not remain without attention of fashion experts.

Роль аксессуаров в повседневной жизни

Today there are several popular types of jewelry widely used in daily life:

1. Decorations of plastic. As a rule, this option often uses young people. Often the variety of shapes, sizes and colors is simply impossible to describe in words, as each designer puts in their own vision of how it should look like the accessories for the younger generation.

2. Pandora Bracelets. Broke into the fashion world so rapidly that even the fashion critics are unable to immediately respond to the new invention. Most often used by girls and women of middle age. Complement both casual style and evening dress, suitable for any event.

3. Jewelry «collars». Bulk necklace, which as a basis can contain semi-precious stones, rhinestones or beading. The design can stay as through the use of metal, and with the help of tapes. Most often, this decoration is used in conjunction with a dress or office «onions». It all depends on how well it looks.

It is worth noting that many girls using accessories allow some serious errors for which the image often looks overwhelmed. For example, stylists recommend not to use massive decorations at the same time on the neck and arms. The best option is the distribution of the accessories around the body in small amounts. Otherwise there is a risk to appear before the public in a few vulgar and ridiculous. Therefore, initially it is best to conduct a trial experiment at home and try to combine the various forms of available jewelry to your clothing.

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