The most harmful clothing

You may be unaware that some of your clothes are killer, including for your health. Let’s look at things from a slightly different angle.

Самая вредная одежда

The harmful clothing:

1. Opens the hit parade is something without which no cost, no lady — bag. If the bag is overloaded and weighs more than 2-3 kg is the curvature of the spine and asymmetry in the shoulders guaranteed.

2. In a pair with a bag, try as little as possible to wear high heels and especially not in size. It threatens not only calluses, but also dislocations and foot deformities.

3. You should forget forever about your favorite women ballet flats. Not every girl knows that selecting the shoes, she puts himself at risk. Ballet flats, from the point of view of health, of harmful that the weight is distributed incorrectly and weary feet.

4. Dandy in skinny jeans, not everyone thinks about the risk of the appearance of varicose veins and poor circulation in the body. But there is an alternative: tight jeans you should buy from stretch with lycra.

5. If the choice is between skinny jeans and mini-skirt, don’t know what is less dangerous. Moreover, short skirt in danger of hypothermia, so in addition to the cystitis, you can still acquire and cellulite. Fat by nature tend to accumulate in places that are supercooled.

6. Not remain less dangerous g-string. They are the reason for many women’s diseases.

7. To joke with jewelry is not worth it. Because of poor quality metal and the paint on them can easily cause allergies.

To dress fashionably is possible and necessary, but without sacrificing health. This is the most important rule of style.

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