How to choose a wireless mouse for notebook

Wireless mouse — a real gem for the owner of the laptop. Selection of different models is great. Not easy to navigate, even for professionals. This article discusses four important questions that will help you to choose a wireless mouse for your laptop.

Как выбрать беспроводную мышку для ноутбука


1. The wireless option. Currently, there are two types of wireless mice: the radio, plug in the USB port, and Bluetooth mouse that do not require a receiver, so the USB port in the laptop will remain free for flash drives or other devices.
Bluetooth chip is in almost every laptop made since 2005. A Bluetooth mouse can connect to your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone. For the modern man such a possibility is important.
The advantage of mice with a private receiver — they are a little cheaper. Such manipulators can be easily connected to any desktop computer.

2. Dimensions. Wireless mice are available in different sizes. Desktop — long and heavy with two powerful AA cells and laptops are available for compact manipulators with light battery type AAA. The ergonomics of the shapes defined purely subjectively. Try not to buy a mouse blind. Find it in a retail store and try it in before ordering.

3. Cost. Price wireless mouse for notebook may vary from 400 to 6000 rubles. Different manipulators quality plastic, durability of the microswitches under the keys, the service life of the legs and a number of other parameters. If the laptop is your constant companion, do not skimp on quality. Cheap mice tend to quickly fail, do not work on any surface except carpet. Experience shows that the batteries in them, enough for less time.
At the same time, and too to pay is not worth it. Because the work often remains on the road to ensure the safety of mice in such conditions difficult.

4. The type of sensor. Manufacturers use two types of sensors: optical and laser. Optical is cheaper and consumes less energy but works on a limited number of surfaces. For example, does not work on glass. Laser has greater resolution and, importantly for a laptop, works on any surface.

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