How to check the balance on a Megaphone

Every day thousands of cellular subscribers may need to check the balance on a Megaphone and plan their future expenditure. This can be done in various ways, while each operation will not take you more than one minute.

Вы можете самостоятельно проверить баланс на Мегафоне

How to check the balance on a Megaphone through a USSD-request

One of the main ways to check the balance on a Megaphone for subscribers is to send a special USSD-request from a mobile phone. You need to collect using the numeric keypad phone from the available operator combinations and press the call key:

  • *100# (to check balance on the Megaphone);
  • *100*1# (to see the current discounts on packages of minutes, messages or Internet traffic);
  • *100*2# (to view the bonus balance on the Megaphone);
  • *100*3# (to see the rest of the packages of minutes attached options, etc.).

A few seconds after sending the request you will receive a notification about the requested balance depending on which of the available commands you have executed. Remember that you can use USSD commands an unlimited number of times absolutely free.

You can also connect the service «Live balance» to obtain balance information in real time. To do this, run a USSD-request to *134*1#. Please note that the monthly subscription fee (except for subscribers of the tariff «simple») in this case will be 30 rubles.

How to check the balance on a Megaphone in alternative ways

To balance on a Megaphone, try to send an SMS message to the number 000100, as a text of which enter without the quotes symbol «B» or «B» (in Latin). This option is available only for active and unlocked rooms. You will receive a reply SMS message with the complete data on the current balance of the mobile account, as well as the number of remaining minutes, messages and Internet traffic.

You can also check the balance on a Megaphone, calling to a free short code 0501. Navigate to the desired item of the voice menu to hear the information on the account balance. If at the moment you are roaming, call on number +7(922)11-05-01, that is, in international format.

How to check the balance on a Megaphone through the Internet

For all subscribers the possibility to check the balance on a Megaphone through the official Internet site by signing in to your personal user account. Click on the appropriate link on the home page and follow the instructions to obtain your personal login and password. In the dashboard you will see information on your current balance.

In addition, on the menu of most mobile phone subscribers of MegaFon a «Megaphone PRO». This is a special SIM-portal system partitions, one of which allows you to query information about account balance.

Also in the offices and salons of MegaFon subscribers can activate the service «Balance to the email address» to get daily information about the status of the account to the specified email address. You will need to fill out an application on the proposed form, providing him with a passport.

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