Creatine — benefits and harms

Креатин - польза и вред

Creatine is a natural component (nitrogen-containing carboxylic acid), is constantly present in muscle tissue. He is a member of energy metabolism and stimulates the work of muscles – which is why the use of creatine for training no doubt.

What are the benefits of creatine?

In the course of evolution nature has provided human and animal including physical features, which are necessary for survival. Creatine is produced by the liver and kidneys, it is present in the muscles of humans and animals in order to support energy metabolism in the framework of the essential needs – this is its purpose and main benefit. Normal human body contains 100-140 g of creatine.

The mechanism of creatine is that when you break its molecules releases energy that causes muscles to contract. Depletion of creatine leads to reduction or cessation of muscle contraction. To replenish creatine, you need to include in the diet of meat. However, to get the creatine in that quantity which is required for athletes need a day to eat several pounds of meat and fish that is not too helpful. So popular among athletes supplementation with creatine.

The benefits and harms of creatine in sports

The purpose of creatine in sport – increase muscle power for the most intense workouts, increase endurance and decrease the time needed for recovery after a workout. Also, thanks to the use of creatine is an increase in muscle mass. Another advantage of creatine is that water in its application in tissue accumulates, than can not boast of steroids and cortisol. Using creatine the athlete can gain about 5 kg of muscle for 2 weeks.

Side effects of creatine supplementation are found in approximately 5% of applying it. For getting rid of unpleasant symptoms enough to stop taking the drug. A major percentage of occurrence of side effects is individual intolerance and allergies. They are expressed in the form of rash, redness and itching of the skin, irritation of mucous membranes. Some athletes creatine causes acne.

Improper drinking creatine may cause dehydration, cramps, and spasms, in this case, it is necessary to increase the amount you drink. It is desirable to reduce the amount of salt, pickled and spicy food, otherwise there is swelling. It is undesirable to take creatine people with high acidity, because the digestion can be seriously affected.


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