How thin Olga Bartunkova diet

Как похудела Ольга Картункова - диета

Olga Bartunkova, team captain of KVN «Pyatigorsk» lovers of this fascinating game are accustomed to seeing on the crest of positivity and activity. She is artistic, emotional, with a delicate sense of humor. So familiar was her stage persona: an assertive and powerful with a curvaceous figure of a captain who will succeed at any cost. However, more recently Olga Bartunkova appeared on the screen dramatically thinner, firmer, noticeably younger-looking postroynevshaya and woman did not immediately recognize former Olga Struncova after a diet designed specially for her by the organizers of the project for the slimming of the magazine «StarHit».

Olga herself has repeatedly stressed that it is not complex about being overweight and indulging in different delicacies. However, it happens, some chance of making adjustments in our ordinary life. The same happened to Olga, when she broke her leg and most of the time spent watching TV, absorbing the popovers. However, at some point, as recognized herself Olga Bartunkova, she realized that if nothing changes, it may happen that a wheelchair not survive, because with the growth of 164 cm, she weighed at the time of 134 kg.

Olga Bartunkova made his choice: it was made a personalized diet which allowed the first to lose 17 kg and then bring the «lost» weight up to 40 kg, while on the TV screen you could really see skinnier and prettier young woman who completely changed his image.

Today, many people are interested in how thin Olga Bartunkova, and what is the diet that brings such great results.

How is the diet?

The basis of the diet is a set of products that completely meets the requirement, filling the body during the day, a certain amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. In this diet, the ratio is 70 g-30 g-120 g per day, and Olga strictly abide by it.

  • Diet Bartunkova includes a diverse set of products, but definitely on the menu for Breakfast is provided with fruit salad, including apples, pears and citrus. Fruits in the diet is used quite widely, but the diet excluded grapes and bananas because this diet they are not diet products.
  • It is permissible snacks, which you can also use fruits and nuts.
  • For lunch – boiled chicken breast without skin.
  • Diet which lost Olga Bartunkova, provides a daily intake of clean drinking water to two liters, as well as herbal teas and infusions.
  • Dinner consists of low-fat cottage cheese and other dairy products.
  • It should know that the meal should be carried out in one and the same time, and the number of doses should be increased to 4-5. For low-weight portions for one up to 100-120 g.

    When you are interested in, what diet lost Bartunkova, many expect to hear about the absolutely incredible sets, foods or some magic techniques as a wave of a magic wand, instantly help to lose weight, but it is not so.

    What is prohibited by the diet?

    Work on weight loss is hard work, requiring discipline and a real desire to get rid of extra pounds, so starting work on them, Olga had to agree to strict limitations:

    • the diet eliminates the consumption of different foods and street food;
    • do not allow the use of smoked;
    • not welcome the consumption of foods containing large amounts of «fast» carbohydrates;
    • to impose restrictions (but not a ban!) the consumption of salt.

    A result which made Olga Bartunkova – evidence of great desire and hard work always give proper results.


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