Import and export bookmarks Microsoft Edge

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New Microsoft Edge, introduced in Windows 10 and growing from version to version — great browser for many users (see Overview of Microsoft Edge), however, the implementation of some common tasks, in particular import and especially export bookmarks, can cause problems.

In this tutorial is about importing bookmarks from other browsers and two ways to export bookmarks in Microsoft Edge for later use in other browsers or on another computer. And if the first task is not complicated, the second could confound the developers apparently don’t want to bookmark them in your browser can be accessed freely. If the import you are not interested, then you can go directly to section How to save (export) bookmarks Microsoft Edge at the computer.

How to import bookmarks

In order to import bookmarks from another browser in Edge, simply click on the settings button at the top right, select «Settings» and then «View settings for favorites».

The second method is to go to the settings tabs — click on the content button (with image of three lines), then choose «favorites» (asterisk) and press «Options».

In parameters you will see section «Import favourites». If your browser is listed, just mark it and click «Import». Then bookmarks, preserving the folder structure will be imported into Edge.

What to do if the browser is not in the list or your bookmarks are stored in a separate file, previously exported from any other browser? In the first case, first use the tools of your browser to export bookmarks to a file, after which actions will be the same for both cases.

Microsoft Edge for some reason does not support import bookmarks from a file, but you can do the following:

  • Import your bookmarks file in any browser that is supported for import into Edge. The ideal candidate has import bookmarks from a file — Internet Explorer (it is on your computer even if you do not see the icons on the taskbar — just run it by typing Internet Explorer in the search task pane or via the Windows Standard Windows). Where is the import in IE it is shown in the screenshot below.
  • After that, import bookmarks (in our example from Internet Explorer) Microsoft Edge in a standard way, as described above.
  • As you can see, to import bookmarks is not so difficult, but with the export situation is different.

    Utility not only allows you to export bookmarks Edge to an html file for use in other browsers, but keep backup of the database, favourites, manage bookmarks Microsoft Edge (edit folders, specific bookmarks, import data from other sources or add them manually, create shortcuts to websites on your desktop).

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    Note: by default, the utility exports the bookmarks to a file with the extension .htm. Thus, when you import bookmarks in Google Chrome (and possibly other Chromium-based browser), a dialog box «Open» not display files .htm, only .html. Therefore I recommend to save the exported bookmarks with the second extension option.

    At the current time (Oct 2016) utility fully functional, free from potentially unwanted software and it can be recommended to use. But just in case, check downloadable programs for (What is VirusTotal).

    If you still have questions regarding «Favourites» in Microsoft Edge — ask them in the comments, I will try to answer.

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