What distinguishes the breed from mulatto?

Mestizo and mulatto – so-called descendants of interracial marriages. What distinguishes the breed from mulatto? Mulatto – man, whose parents belong to the Caucasian and Negroid races, and mestizo – a descendant of the marriage of the representatives of the Caucasians and Mongoloids (in the broad racial sense). Consider in more detail the origin, evolution and current status of these terms.

Where did the mulatto

Without a doubt, race crossing existed at all times, but also no doubt that never before it was not massive. The situation changed with the advent of the Great geographical discoveries which began with the voyage of Columbus in 1492. The term «mulatto» is recorded in Spanish documents of the 16th century, however, its origin is not clear. According to one version, it warped the Arabic word «allowed» taken to refer to Arabs, half-breeds, on the other (more likely) is a distortion of the Spanish word mulo which meant any hybrids obtained by crossing (hence the «mule» – the offspring of a donkey and a filly).

The Spaniards, and after them and other colonists began to import Negro slaves to the New world for work on plantations, and the pride of the Spanish Hidalgo did not disdain to come into contact with slaves. Or the simple soldiers and the poor due to the lack of European women married – officially or unofficially – on black ladies. In this respect, an interesting genealogy of the great French novelist Alexander Dumas: his grandmother was a full-blooded Negro of the West Indies, and his grandfather – a French planter-slaveholder. As a result of their Union was a mulatto with a long name Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy de La Pietra.

When Tom Alexander grew up, he became a General in Napoleon’s army and participated in the African campaign of Bonaparte. And no talk about the origin was not among the relatives of his wife, nor among colleagues. Based on the observations of contemporaries, romanoyazychnye Catholic Nations – the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese had almost no racial prejudice, and often officially married black slaves, unlike the Protestants, the British and Americans. It is unclear why it happened, but it’s a fact; maybe it’s the difference in Protestant ethics from the Catholic. Well, having dealt with this issue, find out what is the difference from the mestizo mulatto.

Now, about the métis

The term «mestizo» comes from the Latin miscio, which means «mix». This term is called the descendants of Caucasoids and Mongoloids. Including children of Europeans and American Indians. The question of terminology: some scientists believe the Indians with a twig on the tree of the Mongoloid race, the other – independent of the big race. Mass mixing of white people and Mongoloid also began with the era of Great geographical discoveries.

And not only in the discovery of America. Vasco da Gama in 1498 finds sea route to India, and the forces of the European invaders are flooding the Asian expanse, which leads (as in America) to a large number of mixed marriages. In fairness it should be noted that the cross-breeding of Caucasoid and Mongoloid populations of Eurasia was observed before, but the extent was small. This was facilitated by contacts with the nomads during the Great migration. At the beginning of our era, during the invasion of the Huns in the Western Roman Empire. And later contacts increased as a result of wars and alliances of the Russian principalities to the nomadic Turks and the Western campaign of Batu in the 40-ies of the 13th century.

The difference between mestizo and mulatto

In the old days, contacts between people living in different parts of the world were difficult, so the mixing of different races was the result of free or forced Exodus of many people from their natural habitat. And in places of a mass congestion of people of different races had any interaction, the consequence of which was a transitional racial types and even the new peoples, like the Creoles. More precisely, the «Creoles» – not a single nation but a group of ethnic groups speaking languages, resulting from the mixing: the so-called mixed languages, «lingua Franca» or «pidgin English». Subsequent contacts between the various centers of cross-breeding further confuse the picture.

Now, for example, among the experts are of the opinion that a full-blooded Negroid in the USA left. Due to the intensive mixing of the population (the proverbial American «melting pot»), supposedly, all black, living in the States, is actually a mulatto with a different admixture of Caucasoid blood. Outgoing President Barack Obama – also a mulatto. And in General, because of the emergence in the 20th century, opportunities to choose one’s residence due to the development of so-called globalization, the mixing of races great accelerated. Some futurists predict that eventually mankind will be a single race, resulting from the leveling of racial characteristics for the widest cross-breeding.

Comparison table

To understand and to practice to determine the difference between a mestizo and a mulatto, it’s easy.However, a number of sub-races of the black (Negroid) race, are some signs Mongoloids – for example, epicanthus (eye fold). For example, it is characteristic of the Bushmen, the indigenous people of South Africa. But still, the main feature of the Negroid is very dark or completely black skin and some of the nuances of the structure of the face are dominant, so you can’t go wrong.


Racial status
Parents – representatives of Caucasoid and Mongoloid races
Parents – representatives of Caucasoid and Negroid races

Racial identity can be different and depends on the environment in which the individual grew up. The exact ratio cannot be set
Having pronounced Negroid characteristics, identify themselves to the black race

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