MDF differs from PVC?

At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries in our everyday life included a large variety of materials. And an inexperienced person is sometimes difficult to understand, in some cases it is necessary to use one and when another. Moreover, many of these are mostly in the form of acronyms, which further complicates the understanding of their purpose. Let’s see what is different from MDF to PVC – is perhaps one of the most common in construction and some other types of human activity materials.

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Decipher the abbreviations

MDF is the abbreviation of the English, that is, in the original, it will be MDF. Decipher it, we get MediumDensityFibreboard, which translated into Russian means «a wood-fibrous plate of average density». It is made by pressing wood chips in a dry environment at high pressure and temperature. As a binder used urea resin, which reduces emissions of formaldehyde to natural. First established industrial production of MDF in the USA (it happened in 1966), and Russia joined them in the production of only 31 years later. Well, the leader of the production today is (expected) China.

Unlike MDF, PVC in that the second material is the product of the woodworking and chemical industries. PVC stands for «polyvinyl chloride». This transparent plastic is a thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride (a colorless gas with a sweet odor). PVC has a high resistance to many aggressive substances – acids, alkalis, mineral oils. It does not burn in air, but has a weak resistance to frost, poor enduring temperatures below -15 degrees Celsius.

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Knowing the differences in the composition of these materials, it is easy to determine the scope of both. MDF, nsamenang finish. From it, for example, produce a wide range of wall panels and floor covering (laminate). In addition, MDF is the ideal material in the manufacture of veneer for furniture, as it easily milled, which is important when making curvilinear holes; it is used for the production of packaging. A special segment of its application – production of speaker cabinets, as MDF is good at absorbing sound due to the uniformity of its composition.

PVC is used for insulation of wires, manufacturing of pipes for various purposes, a variety of tapes, finding application in everything from the manufacture of some parts of the garment to the material of suspended ceilings. Make of PVC profiles for plastic Windows and doors, elements of furniture decor and floor mats for cars. It is used as a sealant in refrigerating equipment, material for production of Souvenirs and advertising items products, for applying a relief pattern on knitted working gloves. The list is long, because due to its characteristics, PVC has the widest distribution.

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To summarize, inwhat is the difference between MDF and PVC, it should be stated that the General composition of these materials are not nothing. Of course, their application may overlap (for example, in the manufacture of furniture where it is made of MDF veneer and PVC decorative elements). Or when MDF panels covered with PVC film, and in some other instances (wall panels made of PVC and MDF).


Extruded under high temperature and pressure, wood chips
The polymer produced in the chemical industry

Construction, manufacture of furniture, packaging, floor and wall coverings, speaker cabinets, and some other areas
Wide application area – electrical engineering (as insulation), manufacture a huge range of films in a light, automotive, advertising, construction (profiles, doors and Windows), with the release of refrigeration and many other industries

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