The secrets of successful parenting of the child

Successful personality is formed from birth. To raise a successful child is not to load its various educational courses and thereby deprived of a happy childhood. The main motivation is hidden in the correct behavior of parents. Here are some tips on how to raise a successful child

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Correctly build phrases

The best motivation is the verbal support of parents. Do not specify directly the errors of the child, allow the fumes to find, it encourages introspection. For example: «do you think you did/decided correctly?», «Let’s play a game, who will find bugs», etc.

Explain several scenarios. For example, in the contest don’t say «the Main thing is not victory, but participation!», this deprives the child the opportunity to believe in a good result. Explain that winning is the ultimate reward, but the loss is not sorrow, but a second chance to prove themselves in the future.

Praise and criticism should be specifying. Not a common phrase: «You’re done!», and «this (indicate exactly what) you did well, but this needs more work».

Give your child the freedom to experiment

Parents often fear spoiled furniture, wasted time, etc. allowed in the course of restrictions and prohibitions: it is forbidden to paint on the walls, not to indulge in test and many other «impossible».

Allow the child to Express themselves. Wants to draw on the walls — arrange the area of the wall where it is possible to do. Want to sculpt out of dough — cook together the dough for sculpting. Wants to help you with the cleaning — give the tasks a child is unable to perform.

Don’t terminate children’s Hobbies to their doubts: «Why do you want this drum? You don’t know how to play!». Better to share the excitement of learning something new. The more you interact with your child, the denser will tie the knot of friendship between you.

Switch roles

Don’t live in continuous mode: «I’m an adult, you child». Let the child at least sometimes to be you. Start a once a week self-government Day, when the child to take on adult responsibilities and decisions. This is a great preparation for adult life.

This will explain the different models of adult behavior to Day government was not a Day of chaos and children’s omnipotence.


Accept the child as is

The parents ‘ love should not depend on personal qualities of the child. Love and accept your children any — with all the vagaries, errors, problems.

Remember that each of the children’s act or an opinion have a right to exist. Your task is to be an observer, a friend and wise counselor, else the child will develop itself.

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