How to stop being shy and be uncomfortable?

It so happens that the surrounding people think you’re closed and private person just because you, in fact, shy. But why limit yourself when you can enjoy a life that is full of interesting events?

Как перестать стесняться и быть неуверенным?

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How to stop being shy and be uncomfortable?

Shyness is not only a barrier for personal growth, but also on a subconscious level to shift the responsibility to another person. I won’t ask, I won’t be contacting him, I won’t ask, I won’t start a dialogue, I’m not going to tell other phrase. They look familiar to you? You often use them? If Yes, then stop immediately.

Remember! The Golden rule of all time. The audacity — the second happiness.

Again, the important thing to know the measure in everything.

The Foundation of good relationships

People like it when in conversation the interlocutor takes part, not just nods approvingly in response. Conversing, you can have one to itself. The main thing is to be open and sincere. If you are unpleasant companion, don’t go against yourself. Why waste time on someone who you are not interested?

Man is a strange being. Many actions and deeds even psychologists can’t explain. For example, how to explain the fact that people want to fall in love with a modest, sweet man, but their entire body and soul is drawn to the arrogant, sometimes cocky image? Strange, but true.

Shyness is the result of low self-esteem. How can you not love yourself? You’re the one, like you no more! At least it should be respected and valued.

And remember! How are you going to treat yourself so you will be treated by others.

Self-doubt makes life difficult in many areas. You can’t meet any person, and who knows, maybe it was the same/most? At the interview you are closed and cannot be opened, and who needs in the prestigious company of people who are not able to defend their point of view? You, corny, insulted, and you again can’t answer and to stand up for themselves.

You just need to loosen up! People pulled themselves to you. In the end, life is one! Live, enjoy, make mistakes and not get upset over trifles. Everyone makes mistakes, but not all of the rake after the next turn in on themselves.

Stop thinking about what others will say as they look at you, what opinion they formed? What’s the difference? For whom you live? To society or to yourself? Answer this question yourself. And everything will fall into place!

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