3 easy ways to transfer data from phone to computer

The ubiquity and popularity of smartphones has led to the fact that at hand we always have a little helper, which contains important documents, developments, or simply random but valuable photos. Users often encounter the need to transfer data from phone or smartphone to the computer. Consider three simplest way to transfer data from the mobile device to a personal computer.

3 простых способа передать данные с телефона на компьютер

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1. Use the USB cable that came with the kit to the mobile device. Modern models of smart devices using standard cable, and the computer can easily open them when connecting. As a result, you becomes available internal phone memory, where all the necessary files. To copy them is as easy as to transfer files from one disk to another. Fairly standard drivers, which includes assembling Windows.

2. Use file to the cloud storage. This is a relatively new way of transferring files from phone to computer. In order to use this method, you must have a high speed Internet connection on both the computer and on the phone. File storage options now abound, and every file-hosting service has released a convenient app to access your files. A rational way to use apps from giants such as mail, google or Yandex. Of all these, the most interesting conditions provided by the company mail. Obviously more storage is complemented by a huge speed.

3. For transferring you can also use the memory card that is in your smartphone. Enough to move the files on it, and then connect using a card reader to the computer. It is an outdated method, but it completely justifies itself.

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