What is backup and how to do it as a normal user

More and more questions in our life is solved through the Internet. In this regard, it is important to keep the required data available to us only in electronic form, so that a failure in the computer has not led to their loss.

Что такое бэкап и как его сделать обычному пользователю?

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More recently, the photographs in each family were laid out on the albums, sound and video recordings were stored on magnetic tape, and the documents in special folders. Today all this wealth you won’t have to clutter up the apartment, and neatly stored on the hard disk of a home computer. But any failure in the operating system or hardware can lead to irreversible loss of important information. That this did not happen, do not forget to make a backup!

In fact, a new word backup (backup copy), denotes the well-known backup. Such copy of an important document or image is completely equivalent to the original email and should be for everyone!

Where and how to backup?

The easiest way to backup is to manually select the necessary files and save them on any storage media.

Electronic copies of files can be collected at:

— USB flash drive (it is convenient to take with you, however, stick a large amount more expensive)

— CD or DVD drive (now becoming increasingly common netbooks and tablets, and on them these disks will not reproduce),

— external hard drive (a large amount of such devices are convenient in order to store all the necessary data, even if it is a large number of movies and photos in high resolution),

— in the cloud (you have to be aware that keeping personal information in the cloud, you will actually putting it on someone else’s server, where it will be available to third parties).

Helpful hint: when backing up, try not to «put all your eggs in one basket». And a copy of your most important data is to make two copies on different media.

How often should to do a backup?

The answer to this question is obvious — the emergence of or changes to important files.

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