How to make a card of thread and paper?

Any hand made thing is always unique, and if as a gift, it’s just wonderful. Postcard from the store, of course, bright and beautiful, but because in homemade, you put the soul, and it is quite another.

Как сделать открытку из ниток и бумаги?

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Always nice to get a gift item that is made with your hands, because the same is no longer anybody. The following method can be used to make simple crafts, or perhaps a greeting card.

The basis of our crafts can draw yourself if you are good at it or just find a beautiful picture. I took the large Daisy. Yes, it’s a great tool keep in mind that small details will take more time. If you are not afraid, then go for it.

For my crafts need knitting in three colors – white, yellow and green, and glue (easier to work with a bottle) and scissors.

The threads need to be cut into small pieces of 2-3 mm., no need to mix them, it is better to put in separate piles (I was placed in an ordinary large lids from cans). The required number was difficult to determine, so it is best to cut not a lot, if that is possible then add.

Take our fabric and green thread (nenalezena), apply them to the stems of the flower and cut the right length, put aside. With white glue, carefully hold the loop of the stem and immediately pressed our prepared thread. Now take the thread (again green) and the same circuit, but now the leaves, measure out the desired length, hold the contour of the glue and presses the measured pieces.

Same thing with the outline of the petals (only take the white thread) and at the center of the flowers (use yellow thread). Well, the blank is finished. Let our cut pieces. I applied a thin layer of glue to the details of the crafts, and then sprinkle with a thread and presses. Petals – pieces of white thread in the middle of the flowers yellow, leaves green. To hack was more voluminous, you can make several layers, but it is necessary to wait for complete drying. I did two coats. All.

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