How to save filled Saintpaulia

Different errors in care result in root rot of Saintpaulia. This disease can lead to death of the whole plant. How to save favorite violets in a simple way?

Как спасти залитую сенполию

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Every fan of this magnificent plant at least once been faced with such a problem that suddenly fialochka down the lower leaves. At first glance it seems that the plant needs watering. Later the leaves become limp, structure, and color changing. They are made Makowski and gray. This means that the plant got sick and started rotting the roots.

How to save and how to help? You can try to dry land and adjust the watering, can be transplanted to a new land, «pohimichit» drugs and try to treat root rot. But if the plant doesn’t recover, then the probability that it will die is high. The easiest way would be this.

The tip of a diseased plant is cut above the diseased wilted leaves. The lower number of healthy leaves cut the stalk and pluck the top (apical part) are immersed in water and roots. It is important that the water not touch the bottom leaves of the cutting, and the tip of the stem was submerged in water not more than 1…1.5 cm cut off the Rooted cuttings are planted in new soil.Healthy ragged from cutting the sheets to try to root in the usual way. As practice shows, such radical method works reliably.

The main reasons that lead to the death of roots in Saintpaulia: watering with cold water, heavy soil structure, large for the size of the pot, poor drainage, and stagnation of air or poor ventilation, sudden temperature change, the excess of fertilizer in the soil, cooling roots, draught etc.

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