How much dangerous snoring

No surprise a common phenomenon as snoring. But because snoring can cause irreparable harm.


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From this unpleasant phenomenon, as snoringoften suffer not only men, but also representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Snoring is an extremely dangerous phenomenon, dangerous ability to stop breathing! During snoring the body loses oxygen and for this reason failures happen in the brain and the entire cardiovascular system. Specialists refer to as snoring by the term «apnea». Those who suffer from sleep apnea, there is a very fatigue, there are failures of memory and reduced efficiency.

Causes of sleep apnea very much. It may be a runny nose, and polyps, and sinusitis. Also the occurrence of snoring contribute to all aspects, making breathing difficult. Everything else is extra weight, bad habits, dysfunction of the thyroid gland can also cause snoring.

To identify the root causes of needs to be examined by an otolaryngologist. He will advise a method of treatment in accordance with the identified cause. In extremely rare cases for the treatment of snoring may require surgery. Basically, the treatment of snoring is very conducive to such changes in lifestyle, like quitting bad habits and normalization of weight.

Also the concomitant treatment of snoring is special exercises that strengthens the muscles of the pharynx and tongue. In severe cases, snoring treatment is recommended for the use during sleep of a special device — a compressor that delivers air into the airway under gentle pressure.

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