The main mistakes of dieters

Many of the girls at least once in their life sat on a diet. For someone the path to harmony was thorny, and someone easily dealt with excess weight for a couple of weeks. Anyway, in pursuit of the perfect forms, it is important not to lose health. To achieve this is quite simple, if not to make some mistakes.

Главные ошибки желающих похудеть

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There are many ways to lose weight. In bookstores there are some shelves with books on diets, fitness centers offer tailor made training programs and various media to publish daily articles on how to achieve perfect form. In a wide variety of offered methods, it is important to find those that will help to achieve the goal without the adverse effects on our body. And, since we are talking about health, make a mistake in the issue of weight loss means to harm themselves. This can be avoided without making sleduushiy errors:

  • Reducing the number of meals. A typical situation when a girl decided to lose weight, starts eating only 2 times a day. In the end, after a week of such experiments mood drops, hunger increases, and scales show familiar figures. The reason is that by eating less frequently, we send the metabolism in the vacation. Our body begins to guess that the interval between meals increased, and starts to defer until later. If you want to lose weight, divide your usual amount of food eaten per day, for example, by 3 and 5 techniques and you will see that the result will not keep itself waiting.
  • Rejection of fats. Fats are an important component of many foods and an essential component for our body. Abandoning them, we deprive ourselves of a whole range of useful substances contained in fatty foods and providing energy to us. To control your weight, it is enough to calculate how much fat you need to consume daily for you, and not to exceed this rate. It is important to understand that we are talking about healthy fatty foods. Fast food, chips, etc. to such do not apply.
  • The calorie counting. Many sources of information can be found evidence that reducing daily intake of calories set for us considering some options, we will be able to lose weight. This is certainly so, but not always is the place to be for healthy weight loss. Judge for yourself, knowing, for example, that in order to lose weight, we need to exceed the rate of 1200 kcal. the day we start when selecting a product to dwell on its caloric content. It does not take into account that this product, for example, not enough so now we need protein and so many carbs, can immediately raise glucose in the blood. If you chose to count calories as a way to lose weight, carefully review what products you need to fill your daily diet to become slim, health.
  • Refusal to eat after 18.00. It is also common among those trying to lose weight a way to achieve the desired. Unlike the above mentioned methods of weight loss, this error is quite harmless. Your last meal can actually held until 18.00 every day without harm to health, but why? There were data showing that if your dinner will be held for 2 hours before bedtime, and consist of wholesome food you will not gain excess weight and some products will be able to get rid of it. Very useful, for example, there are before bed cottage cheese or eggs.
  • Taking special medicines. One of the most popular methods to lose weight among the young beauties and, unfortunately, really life-threatening. Its fame diet pills has gained by promises of quick results. Besides, the developers of the miracle drugs do not require us to important — will power. Rapid weight loss achieved even the right way, always the strongest stress to the body. Add to that a large list of side effects accompanying any modern tool for weight loss, and you get real health threat. Remember also that after the abolition of the chosen drug against excess weight, the body wants to recover and so soon the weight will come back.

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