Select the analogues of the drug «Diflucan»

«Diflucan» is a drug aimed at combating fungi, it is often prescribed for thrush. The medication is available in several forms – a powder for preparing suspension solution which is administered intravenously, as well as capsules for oral administration. Doctors often prescribe «Diflucan» capsules, the price of the drug starts from 370 rubles. There are many analogues of the antifungal agents that have a lower cost.

Аналоги препарата


Cheap analogues of the drug «Diflucan»

One of the most well-known antifungal preparations – «Pimafucin». This analogue is produced in the form of suppositories, creams and tablets. For the treatment of thrush in preference of candles, a course of treatment will be from 3 to 6 days. Price per pack of 3 candles starts from 230 rubles. The cream is effective in fungal diseases of the skin and nails, its price starts from 250 for 30 g. If the affected internal organs or the disease started, the doctor recommends taking the pill «Pimafucin», pack of 20 pieces will cost not cheaper than 400 rubles.

Capsules «Flucostat» are composed of the same «Diflucan» active ingredient fluconazole, the dose varies from 50 to 150 mg. This drug is characterized by its reduced cost, the price starts from 190 rubles. The course of treatment depends on the individual patient and his disease. From classic women’s thrush can be eliminated almost instantly – it is enough to drink 1 tablet of the drug.

Another effective analogue of the drug «Diflucan» – a capsule of fluconazole. They are produced by different pharmaceutical companies, the lowest rates offered by Russian manufacturers, Alvis – from 15 roubles, «Farmproekt» – from 18 rubles, «Ozone» – 20 roubles. For the treatment of candidiasis enough 1 capsule at a dosage of 150 mg.

Cream «Clotrimazole» is effective in pathogenic fungi. It is used topically, the treatment varies from 7-14 days candidiasis, in the case of ringworm – up to 1 month. This analogue of the drug «Diflucan» is available, it can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Price starts from 25-30 rubles per 20 grams.

«Diflucan» is one of the most expensive drugs in its niche, so it is advisable to choose a medication with a similar composition which also improves its efficiency.

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