How to choose a TV for the house

Modern electronics market offers a huge number of TVs, among which are very difficult to choose the appropriate option. Not always need all the functions and features that it has, and most likely You will not even know about their presence. And Vice versa – you can buy a box with a screen that will not be appropriate for the intended use.

Как выбрать телевизор для дома

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Before you make a choice, be sure to carefully read at least the main functions and bells and whistles that exist today. Important aspects include the size, color reproduction and sound. Very often You are told that needed a huge TV, although it will be placed in a normal living room.

To analyze their needs and make the right choice, we recommend to use the algorithm, which is described below.

  • Very carefully examine the site of the planned installation of the TV. If you have a normal room in a one bedroom apartment, diagonal of screen over 25” (inch) would be a waste of money. The fact is that if the screen is big, the eyes are able to focus on the whole picture at once and You will grab the image elements. This tire quickly and do not perceive the beauty of the frame.
  • On the market today there are LCD, LED and plasma TVs. Clear answer, what is the best option, of course, no, but you can devote another entire article. As a compromise we suggest to choose the LED TV technology Direct. This is the best quality home at the lowest cost.
  • Responsibly approach the choice of the brand’s future purchase. Yes, of course, these days 90% of all the equipment on the shelves is made in China, but it is different. We suggest to focus on the leading manufacturers. Though their products are made in China, but the quality level is always much higher. Consider brands such as SONY, Toshiba, Samsung, Philips. Other TVs – this is a quiz. You can buy a great device and save. And you can get to the creepy option, which is either constantly break down, or the implementation of the functions is to put it mildly, lame.
  • Analyze the availability of required interfaces. For a modern TV it is vital to have HDMI port, USB, good old RCA (tulips), may use VGA. But the connector type SCART is almost not used and focus on it is not necessary. Also don’t forget that you will likely need the output of the analog antenna. True, and it is a relic of the past. Very well, if the TV has Wi-Fi.
  • To ask whether there is support for 3D. At the moment, we do not advise to overpay for this feature. The implementation is far behind the requested value and in fact we get not expensive especially applies to the toy. Of course, in recent years made great strides towards perfection, but function more avid moviegoers and fans of gadgets.
  • Very important to have functions of Smart TV. What is Smart TV? To TV built-in operating system user interface. At the moment, the TVs are exactly the same as in smartphones, Android is. This is a very necessary function, for you do not mind to pay a couple of thousand. It will definitely pay off. Be sure to view what was intended by the manufacturer under Smart TV. For example, TVs SUPRA on cheaper models this sentence is called a built-in video player and listalki photos. But retailers willing to indicate this in the specifications of the device as having a Smart TV.
  • It is important to listen to the TV speakers. Often on inexpensive models, this «tweeter» that is completely not audible.
  • View the specification, what is the maximum resolution gives TV. The higher it is, the higher the quality of the picture. But if the screen is huge and the resolution is low, the picture will be ugly and grainy.


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