Selection of doors in a wooden house

Details about entrance and interior doors. As well as installation recommendations.

Выбор дверей в деревянном доме

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The choice of the door, of course, be approached thoroughly. The most common material in the manufacture of doors — wood, which is used for these purposes for the past several millennia. However, if you want something new you can refer to today’s fashionable version of the production of doors made of art glass or an elegant and practical – made of steel.

The front door to the house made of wood.

From whatever material nor were they made note that the door needs to emphasize the extraordinariness of the house, to approach its style and design and serve as a Testament to the excellent taste of the house owner. Of course, it seems logical to install the front door made of wood, which the house of wood will give greater harmony, comfort and completeness. The material should be of very good quality. A good option is to doors made of ash or oak is very durable and more durable wood species. However, to underline the uniqueness of wooden houses the door is not required to be entirely of wood — a good choice would be metal, covered with wood. If the priority for the front door — protection from break-ins and damage, the ideal choice — installation of metal doors.

The door in the cobblestone house.

The main feature of wood is that this material — wood — it looks great in combination with other materials. It follows that the doors in this house — the components of its decoration. Especially perfectly be in harmony with the style of the house interior doors of the box girders. Thanks to all kinds of design tricks will look stylish and elite mazonitovye, laminated or veneered doors and is made from combining different materials. And the use of carved doors can add even more style and comfort. And the door may be glazed and additionally decorated with various panels of aluminum or plastic.

Interior wooden door in a cobblestone house minimum are subject to distortions, making them more durable. They are of three types combined, deciduous or coniferous. But also interior doors made from valuable tree species, and they differ in quality.

How to install the door.

Install the door, given the characteristics of the structure. For a start, should be subjected to treatment installation openings and the ends of the antiseptic, and then rigidly fixed to the crown at the bottom of the box, and on the sides to fix it with moss. At the top the gap to put insulation. With the installation of doors must take into account that not attach the door frame to the wall and to the lower crown. The box also attach well door unit, and the joints sealed with sealant.

In the first years after the frame house wood shrinks, you should make the box casing, a loose mount.
Choosing the right door and placing it, remember that quality is always more durable than cheap stuff, so to save on their own comfort is not necessary.

The entrance door blended in with the General appearance of the house. You can use metallocycle. Using these facade cassettes can quickly give the house a desirable, modern look. To hide the flaws made during construction. And the whole metallacycle give any facade of solidity.

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