How to correctly mount valley

The protection of the gutter junctions of roof slopes from adverse external weather influences always have to pay maximum attention. Therefore, many owners of suburban areas, who decided to build or renovate a private home, often wonder about how to make the valley and to mount it.

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You will need

  • — hacksaws for wood and metal;
  • — a drill or screwdriver;
  • — metal shears;
  • — sheets of galvanized steel or copper;
  • roulette;
  • — device for bending sheet metal.


1. At the first stage the mount at the junction of the rays sheathing under the valley. To a protective strap, which was subsequently kept as possible, make it solid. To this end, the elements of the main sheathing rays install additional bruski or boards.

2. Before you begin the installation of the valley, cover the formed wooden trench hidroisolation. Cheaper just to use for this purpose, the roofing material without topping or roofing. You can also sheathing the sheathing gutters for roofing sheets specially purchased for this purpose endonym carpet. In any case, the waterproofing tape should be 5-10 cm wider than the straps of the lower valley.

3. Secure andony carpet or roofing felt into the gutter joint with molten bitumen and special brackets, or by moisture-resistant construction adhesive tape. Lay the pieces of gidroizolyator start from the bottom — from the eaves. Carefully promazyvat laps, the amount of which shall not be less than 20-25 cm, with bitumen. Ensure that gidroizolyator there was no mechanical damage.

4. If the finished security elements included with the roofing material does not go, make the upper valley their own. Use bands cut from the main roofing material. Valley of metal can be made of profiled sheet with the same hue of the polymer coating. Fold the tape in accordance with the configuration of the roof between the rays.

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5. Use strips of galvanized sheet steel, copper or aluminium for the manufacture of the lower valley. The configuration of the finished element must conform to the shape of the angle at the junction of stingrays. Make on the lower valley sides. To do this, fold the edges of the tape facing outward 5 cm, so that between them and the painting remained a short period. This will prevent runoff water from gutters on the sheathing roof system.

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6. Run the installation of the valley bottom, locking it in the groove on top of gidroizolyator kljamerami to the crate. The spacing of the fastening elements 20 in place, see If the rays have a roofing long plank from the bottom up, making the overlaps of 15-20 cm Gidroizolirovat the joints with sealant.

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7. After sheathing the roof with sheets of roofing material perform the installation of the upper valley. Attach it to the screws in increments of 30 cm on both sides. How and when installing the lower mount the vertical elements of the upper valley from the ledge. Do the overlaps of 15-20 cm and gidroizolirovat their sealant.

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