The choice of Wallpaper for painting

Decorating rooms with Wallpaper and painting is the most practical option. These Wallpapers can be repeatedly repainted. In addition, they hide small irregularities on walls and ceilings.

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Not all Wallpapers are suitable for dyeing. Unlike ordinary Wallpaper, paintable Wallpaper impregnated water-repellent composition. Today, manufacturers offer us a choice of three options is paper, non-woven and fiberglass Wallpaper.

Paper wall made of rough paper and is impregnated with the water repellent compositions. There are structural and coarse-fibered paper wall. Structural Wallpaper is distinguished by the presence of the relief pattern. They, in turn, are divided into two-layer and three-layer. Double-layered Wallpaper is made of textured paper, glued together in two layers. Sandwich have additional technological layer is responsible for the quality of bonding and the rigidity of the tape. Coarse-fibered Wallpaper consist of two layers of coarse paper with elements of filler in between. The filler used sawdust. These Wallpapers do not have a strict pattern, so they do not need to push on joints. Most paper Wallpaper is painted with latex paints, but you can use acrylic. Quality Wallpapers and choosing the right paint allow you to repaint the walls about 10 times.

The basis of non-woven Wallpaper is the cloth made of nonwoven fabric, which is coated vinyl. The vinyl coating creates a pattern resembling textured plaster. Non-woven Wallpaper perfectly conceal irregularities of the wall. Apply the adhesive, unlike paper Wallpaper is only on the wall. Wallpaper of nonwoven fabric can be painted a great number of ways. You can paint the canvas in the traditional way on the wall. Another option is staining the back side of the Wallpaper or the wall prior to gluing. Thanks to the transparent structure of the nonwoven fabric, the paint appears on the front of the Wallpaper, with a vinyl coating remains white.

Fiberglass Wallpaper is made of fiberglass as raw material is used for quartz sand, soda, limestone, dolomite. Fiberglass is very durable and elastic. They can withstand repeated cleaning with water and brushes. Sticking to their using special adhesives. Gluing the Wallpaper is simple enough, but to remove them from the surface almost impossible. If necessary, fiberglass Wallpaper are new and are covered by finishing material. The fiberglass will serve as an additional layer of reinforcement. Fiberglass can be painted many times. The most preferable are acrylic paint.

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