Glazing of balconies and loggias — are there differences

The balcony or loggia it is possible to turn in a rather comfortable, warm room. To do this, perform it and glazing work insulation.

Остекление балконов и лоджий - есть ли отличия

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Orders the execution of glazing are becoming increasingly popular. It and is clear – glazed balcony or loggia acquire most functionality. In addition to the device insulation structure, it is possible to arrange a stylish interior finish and even set the furniture permitting area. The resulting space is often trying to combine with room to expand living space.

This glass alone is difficult to carry out. The majority of landlords are trying to seek the services of specialized firms. When self-performing work, you should understand that the warm glazed balcony will differ from the same operation for the Lodge. This is a fundamentally different objects that have different properties.

Glazing of balconies

The design of the unglazed balcony, fenced, roof or separately made cover. It extends slightly from the wall to three sides of it are open, walls are missing. These features imply additional work for the development of the framework for insulated materials.

Warm the glazing is performed in order to best insulate the balcony space and provide protection from rain, drafts. After this operation, the balcony remains comfortable microclimate in winter and in summer. The balcony can be used as a dwelling. But the installation of warm glass can be performed only in cases where the balcony was designed to withstand high loads.

If you are going to insulate the balcony, where the Windows are of poor quality, the first thing you need to replace them. In the cold season, the heat will escape even through the tiny slit. To protect from the cold should be high quality glazing.

In addition to the installation of PVC Windows, you will need to make insulating structures for ceiling, floor, build the walls. On warm glass, the price is slightly higher than on a cold, since the work will require no more than an example, and the materials out a lot.

Glazing of loggias

Warm loggia glazing is a little different. She opens outward on one side only, there is no need to build additional walls on the balcony. Warm glass is from the existing parapet or full height from floor to ceiling. The lower part in this case will remain deaf.

When you install insulated structures should be carefully monitored, to avoid cracks. All joints sealed the materials as follows – this provides additional protection against the penetration of cold.

On the upper floors of houses glazing of loggias has some peculiarities. The top slab is often missing, it is necessary to arrange well and to insulate the roof. This should take into account the severity drop-down in winter, snow and pave noise insulation, otherwise the dripping rain is going to stop you. Option is more expensive, but pays off during operation.

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