How to save rotting onion harvest

Onion — culture for domestic gardeners practically mandatory. Grow it on their sites, almost all the gardeners. To get a great onion harvest, it is often necessary to expend much effort. And it is very sad in that case, if the head grown suddenly begin to rot. Answers to the question of why the onion is rotting, there are several.

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1. To determine the cause of putrefaction, first carefully inspect the bulbs. If, in addition, there is black «dust» means the real culprit is a root tick. The presence of damp flakes and razmyagchayuschiesya plots indicates the defeat of the heads of stem nematode. If the neck on the head is noticeable grayish spots, the cause of decay is infected by fungal disease.

2. If onions began to rot for the reasons described above, do is almost nothing impossible. Part of the harvest in this case it is possible to save only careful sorting and freezing still intact heads on the balcony. In order to avoid such problems as the onions to rot because of infection, pay more attention to prevention when growing this plant. Cultivate bow first and foremost with strict observance of crop rotation.

3. To learn why rotting onions, check out how the storage conditions comply with the provisions. Often, this vegetable is beginning to rot just because of the fact that keeping him warm. The temperature in the room where hang the «braids» with a bow, must be equal to -1 — +1 °C. it is also Possible to store the head at about t +18 °C or slightly higher. The percentage of moisture, suitable for onions, according to experts, is about 75%. If this figure is below the heads can dry. However, if the bow has already started to rot, move it to a dry room, of course, is.

4. Rots onions during storage, and sometimes due to the fact that next to him lay large masses of other vegetables and root crops. Get the onions away from them. In addition, carefully sort the head varieties. Slightly rotten onions clean from the husk and put in some sort of ventilated container separately. This bow and the sort that lies worse than others, will use it in food as quickly as possible.

5. Thus, a different kind of infection and improper storage conditions are the main reasons that rots onions. «How to keep it longer?», the answer to this question may lie in particular in the use of the oven. Sometimes, the process of decay suddenly greatly accelerated. In this case, in order not to lose the entire crop, the remaining head clear, cut and dry in the oven at 70 °C. this dried onion is Stored for a long time and vitamins, it is still a huge amount.

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