Crabs in the aquarium

Крабы в аквариуме

Crabs in the aquarium – interesting and funny people. They stand out bright colour and extraordinary temperament.

The contents of the crabs in the aquarium

For the normal life of crabs in the aquarium they need to create conditions similar to natural:

  • Vessel. The conditions of life who akvaterrariuma. Sufficient water must be supplemented by stone Islands and vegetation. Such Pets spend a lot of time on the shore or immersed in a body of water partially.
  • Water. Crabs great feel in the cool and transparent water in the tank should be a filter. The water temperature is right for them within the 22-25 degrees, a pH greater than 7, the stiffness not less than 10.
  • Compatibility. Ideally, crabs, along with fish do not contain, they Lodge in a separate aquarium with salted water and sandy soil. Some types of crab can be kept with aquarium fish, but be careful.
  • What to feed crabs in the aquarium? Their favorite food is live bloodworms, crabs periodically need to feed the Daphnia. They will not give up and from plant food – slices of banana, Apple, carrots. Crabs are omnivores.

    Types of home crabs in the aquarium

    The most popular aquarium crab are:

  • Rainbow crab. Has tri-color color – blue back, bright orange legs and a white belly;
  • Крабы в аквариуме

  • King crab. The body is light beige color, decorated with a scattering of dark spots. Found another name – leopard;
  • Крабы в аквариуме

  • Red mangrove crab. Is characterized by small dimensions. The back is painted in blue and red, claws – in lemon or orange;
  • Крабы в аквариуме

  • Freshwater crab. Has a soft color — a blue-gray back, claws — from terracotta to dark brown.
  • Крабы в аквариуме

    Correct the conditions of detention will ensure the crabs well-being. Such funny Pets become a real decoration of the aquarium.


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